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From $225.99 Green Winged Teal John James Audubon
From $225.99 Fox and Waterfowl Friedrich Tischbein
From $225.99 La Mere Aux Oies Pierre Auguste Renoir
From $225.99 The Poultry Yard Jan Steen
From $225.99 Sportsman's Still Life Alexander Pope
From $225.99 Dabbling Ducks Benjamin D. Sigmund
From $225.99 After the Hunt I William Michael Harnett
From $225.99 Cockerel with Ducks, Ducklings and Pigeon Marmaduke Craddock
From $225.99 Chinese using cormorants to catch fish Anonymous Artist
From $225.99 Calves Feeding George W. Horlor
From $225.99 The duck shoot 1880 Basil Bradley
From $225.99 Summertime2 Mary Cassatt
From $225.99 Landscape with a Rainbow c. 1638 Peter Paul Rubens
From $225.99 Ducks in a Quiet Pool Alexander Max Koester
From $225.99 The Goosegirl, c.1866 Jean-Francois Millet
From $225.99 Feeding The Ducks Mary Cassatt
From $225.99 Farmyard Scene John Frederick Herring Snr
From $225.99 The White Duck, 1753 Jean-Baptiste Oudry
From $225.99 Still-Life (1) 1640 Harmen Steenwijck
From $225.99 The White Drake Joseph Crawhall
From $225.99 Five Ducks In A Pond Willem Koekkoek
From $225.99 Farmyard in Winter Henry Woollett
From $225.99 Woman Plucking a Duck 1655-56 Nicolaes Maes
From $225.99 Hanging Ducks Alexander Pope
From $225.99 An Urban Council Herbert William Weekes
From $225.99 Ducks on a River Landscape Marmaduke Craddock
From $225.99 Feeding the Ducks, 1895 Mary Cassatt
From $225.99 Eleven Ducks in the Morning Sun Alexander Max Koester