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From $225.99 Teepee of the Crow Tribe, c.1850 George Catlin
From $225.99 Marco Polo (1254-1324) before Kublai Khan Tranquillo Cremona
From $225.99 Scalp Dance from 'Sketches of Indian Warfare' William de la Montagne Cary
From $225.99 Camping at Lake O'Hara John Singer Sargent
From $225.99 War Dance of the Sioux, from 'The History of Mankind, 1904 Rudolf (Daniel Ludwig) Cronau
From $225.99 La Rebelde Antonio Fillol Granell
From $225.99 Achilles has a dispute with Agamemnon, 1776 Johann Heinrich The Elder Tischbein
From $225.99 Sioux Encampment, Porcupine John Hauser
From $225.99 A Blizzard on the Barrier George Marston
From $225.99 Bedouin Camp John Singer Sargent
From $225.99 Ojibwe Wigwam at Grand Portage Eastman Johnson
From $225.99 Bedouin Encampment John Singer Sargent
From $225.99 An Arab Encampment By Moonlight Jean Baptiste Paul Lazerges
From $225.99 Dance of Crow Indians Henry Farny
From $225.99 Home Sweet Home Winslow Homer
From $225.99 Goerge Washington James Peale
From $225.99 Army Boots Winslow Homer
From $225.99 Blackfeet Card Players John Mix Stanley
From $225.99 Sioux War Council George Catlin
From $225.99 A Day at the Carnival Frederick Hendrik Kaemmerer
From $225.99 Siege of Yorktown, 17th October 1781, 1836 Louis Charles Auguste Couder
From $225.99 'Buffalo Bull' and 'the Big Elk', 1841 George Catlin
From $225.99 A Cavalier with a grey horse Abraham Van Calraet