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From $225.99 Ballet Scene from On the Sands Spencer Frederick Gore
From $225.99 Ballet at the Paris Opers 1877 Edgar Degas
From $225.99 The Upper Circle Mabel F. Layng
From $225.99 The Music Hall Spencer Frederick Gore
From $225.99 Academie Imperiale de Musique, Paris Louis Jules Arnout
From $225.99 La Loge Au Mascaron Dore 2 Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec
From $225.99 Don Juan and the Commendatore 2 Barathier
From $225.99 The Fifth Act at the Gaiety Theatre Honoré Daumier
From $225.99 Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London Daniel Havell
From $225.99 Etude Pour 'au Theatre De L'Auvre' Edouard (Jean-Edouard) Vuillard
From $225.99 Theatre Scene Edward Henry Potthast
From $225.99 Konzert In Der Oper (Concert At The Opera) Max Liebermann
From $225.99 Theatre Royal Covent Garden in London Daniel Havell
From $225.99 Pantomime Stage (after) Barbier, Georges
From $225.99 New Theatre Royal Haymarket in London Daniel Havell
From $225.99 Interior of a Theatre for the Cave of the Golden Calf Spencer Frederick Gore
From $225.99 View Of The Water Theatre At The Villa Aldobrandini, Frascati (after) Johann Wilhelm Baur
From $225.99 Footlights Glenn O Coleman
From $225.99 An evening at the opera Carl Kahler
From $225.99 Set Design For The Opera Judith By Alexander Serov 1907 Valentin Aleksandrovich Serov
From $225.99 Chinese Theatre Alexander Evgenievich Yakovlev
From $225.99 Stage Design 2 Konstantin Alexeievitch Korovin