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From $225.99 Composition Proun GBA 4, c.1923 Eliezer (El) Markowich Lissitzky
From $225.99 Proun 10, 1919 Eliezer (El) Markowich Lissitzky
From $225.99 Bride of Christ Johann Thorn Prikker
From $225.99 Illustration to 'The Story of Two Squares', 1922 Eliezer (El) Markowich Lissitzky
From $225.99 Proun 93, 1924 Eliezer (El) Markowich Lissitzky
From $225.99 Abstract composition in grey, yellow and black Eliezer (El) Markowich Lissitzky
From $225.99 1930 Christopher Wood
From $225.99 Seated Nude Girl in an Interior, 1928 Christopher Wood
From $225.99 Building the Boat, Treboul, 1930 Christopher Wood
From $225.99 Mermaids, 1929 Christopher Wood
From $225.99 Costume designs for 'Misteriya-Buff', 1919 Vladimir Mayakovsky
From $225.99 Anemones in a Cornish Window Christopher Wood
From $225.99 Church on the Cliff, Dieppe, 1929 Christopher Wood
From $225.99 Breton Woman at Prayer Christopher Wood
From $225.99 Boat spread from `For Reading Out Loud` Eliezer (El) Markowich Lissitzky
From $225.99 Proun 19, 1920 Eliezer (El) Markowich Lissitzky
From $225.99 Bathers Christopher Wood
From $225.99 A Chelsea Square, 1927 Christopher Wood
From $225.99 Canadians in the Snow 1918 James Wilson Morrice
From $225.99 Proun 12 E, 1923 Eliezer (El) Markowich Lissitzky In Stock (38” x 27” - for $252.67)
From $225.99 Boat at Concarneau, 1930 Christopher Wood
From $225.99 Russian Railway Advertisement, c.1921 Vladimir Mayakovsky
From $225.99 Market Scene James Wilson Morrice
From $225.99 Boy Jumping a Stream Christopher Wood
From $225.99 Boy with Cat, 1926 Christopher Wood
From $225.99 French Crab Boat, Treboul, 1929 Christopher Wood
From $225.99 The Ship Hotel, Mousehole, Cornwall, 1928-9 Christopher Wood