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From $225.99 Dante's Inferno Paul Chenavard
From $225.99 Portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte 1769-1821 Robert-Jacques-Francois-Faust Lefevre
From $225.99 Napoleon Bonaparte Louis Léopold Boilly
From $225.99 Napoleon Bonaparte, First Consul Charles Meynier
From $225.99 Queen Victoria 1819-1901 1867 Jacob Thompson
From $225.99 Sir Winston Churchill Arthur Pan
From $225.99 Portrait of Louis XIV 1701 Hyacinthe Rigaud
From $225.99 Anne Boleyn (1507-36) in the Tower (detail) 1835 Edouard (Francois Berthelemy Michel) Cibot
From $225.99 Portrait of Thomas Jefferson Rembrandt Peale
From $225.99 Napoleon Bonaparte in the Uniform of the First Consul Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres
From $225.99 Napoleon 1769-1821 at the Battle of Waterloo, 1815 Charles Auguste Steuben
From $225.99 The Oath of the Sassoni to Napoleon Bonaparte Pietro Benvenuti
From $225.99 Benjamin Franklin, 1782 Josepf Wright Of Derby
From $225.99 Joan of Arc Gaston Bussiere
From $225.99 Portrait of George Washington Charles Peale Polk
From $225.99 Portrait of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1756-91, Austrian composer Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein