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From $225.99 A Peacock in a Classical Landscape, 1719 Pieter Casteels
From $225.99 A Pair of Pussy Cats Lilian Cheviot
From $225.99 The Spanking Paul Charles Chocarne-Moreau
From $225.99 In The Birch Tree Forest, 1883 Ivan Shishkin
From $225.99 A Mountainous Landscape with Cattle Alfred Chavannes
From $225.99 Portrait of Pouter Pigeon D. Wolsenholme
From $225.99 Rain in an Oak Forest Ivan Shishkin
From $225.99 A Garden in July, c.1910 Violet Common
From $225.99 Sealyham Puppies and Ducklings Lilian Cheviot
From $225.99 Italian Landscape with Ancient Roman Sarcophagus Sir Augustus Wall Callcott
From $225.99 Adam and Eve in Paradise Johann Wenzel Peter
From $225.99 A Scottish and a Sealyham Terrier Lilian Cheviot
From $225.99 Young Boy Asleep with Dogs, 1905 Margaret Collyer
From $225.99 A mountainous lake landscape with cattle Alfred Chavannes