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From $225.99 Female Figure Lying on Her Back, 1912 Dora Carrington
From $225.99 Love Mihaly von Zichy
From $225.99 The Dinner Party Sir Henry Cole
From $225.99 The Boston Massacre, 5th March 1770 Alonzo Chappel
From $225.99 Woman with a Parrot Gustave Courbet
From $225.99 Farm Animals in a Landscape John Frederick Herring, Jnr.
From $225.99 Portrait of Samuel Adams (1722-1803) Alonzo Chappel
From $225.99 A Shaman, sketch for Yermak Conquers Siberia, 1893 Vasilij Ivanovic Surikov
From $225.99 Night at Golgotha, 1869 Vasili Vasilyevich Vereshchagin
From $225.99 Poor People Andre Collin
From $225.99 Bathers or Two Nude Women, c.1858 Hanoteau, Hector (1823-1890) and Courbet, Gustave (1819-1877)
From $225.99 A Riverside Pasture with Sheep William Sidney Cooper
From $225.99 The Angelus, 1857-59 Jean-Francois Millet
From $225.99 Easter Table Aleksandr Vladimirovich Makovsky
From $225.99 Flowers & Fruit on a Table 1865 Ignace Henri Jean Fantin-Latour
From $225.99 Sale of a Child Slave, 1871-72 Vasili Vasilyevich Vereshchagin
From $225.99 Three Nude Boys Evening sketch 1912 Karoly Ferenczy
From $225.99 Female Figure Standing, 1913 Dora Carrington