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From $225.99 The Starting Post at Newmarket John Wootton
From $225.99 The Meet of the East Suffolk Hounds at Chippenham Park John Frederick Herring Snr
From $225.99 The Card Game (Pic 1) Gaetano Bellei
From $225.99 Racing, c.1900 Jan van Chelminski
From $225.99 The Card Party Gaspare Traversi
From $225.99 The Late Afternoon Ski Run Ivan Fedorovich Choultse
From $225.99 The Entrance of the Bull Jean-Léon Gérôme
From $225.99 Signed 'J.J. Spohler f' Jan Jacob Spohler
From $225.99 The Archery Contest David The Younger Teniers
From $225.99 The Playground Thomas Webster
From $225.99 A Fencing Scene Adolphe Ladurner
From $225.99 Cardplayers 1 Paul Cezanne
From $225.99 Storming The Castle George Bernard O'Neill
From $225.99 The House of Cards 2 Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin
From $225.99 A Winters Day in St. Jamess Park John Ritchie
From $225.99 Motiv aus Altenerding in Oberbayern Anton Doll
From $225.99 Le Prix de Diane at Chantilly, 1937 Eugene Pechaubes
From $225.99 Epsom Races- The Race Over James Pollard
From $225.99 A Winter Landscape With Skaters On A Frozen River Esaias Van De Velde
From $225.99 Horse Racing (after) Howitt, Samuel
From $225.99 Figures on a frozen lake Antonij Andreas de Meyer
From $225.99 Skating in Winter William Charles Anthony Frerichs