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From $225.99 The Ascent of the Montgolfier Balloon at Aranjuez, c.1764 Louis (Carrogis) de Carmontelle
From $225.99 Balloon Over Woodland c.1840 B. Cook
From $225.99 George Biggins' Ascent in Lunardi' Balloon 1785 Julius Caesar Ibbetson
From $225.99 The Lost Balloon William Holbrook Beard
From $225.99 The Balloon, 1878 Pal Merse Szinyei
From $225.99 Balloon Over Cliffs, Dover, 1840 E.W. Cocks
From $225.99 Balloon Ascent at Aranjuez, 1784 Antonio Carnicero Y Mancio
From $225.99 Landscape with an Air Balloon, 1910 Anton Christoffel
From $225.99 View of the Bridge at Sevres Henri Julien Rousseau
From $225.99 Ballooning: `Leona Dare' poster, 1890 Jules Cheret
From $225.99 The Balloon2 Maurice Brazil Prendergast
From $225.99 The Balloon Maurice Brazil Prendergast
From $225.99 Gallantry in the Air Felicien baron de Myrbach-Rheinfeld
From $225.99 Ascent of the Great Nassau Balloon George Rowe
From $225.99 Bubble bursting Edward Williams Clay (after)