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From $225.99 Berlin Street Lesser Ury
From $225.99 A Busy Street, The Hague Floris Arntzenius
From $225.99 Below the Belvedere Palace in Vienna Richard Pokorny
From $225.99 The Moskva River Bridge, 1914 Konstantin Alexeievitch Korovin
From $225.99 In the Omnibus (The Tramway) 1891 Mary Cassatt
From $225.99 Place du Theatre-Francais, Spring, 1898 Camille Pissarro
From $225.99 Paris, 1892 Paul Cornoyer
From $225.99 The Port of Le Havre - High Tide Camille Pissarro
From $225.99 The Third Avenue Railroad Depot William H. Schenck
From $225.99 Catching the Trolley Charles Borromée Antoine Houry
From $225.99 The Bowery at Night, 1895 William Louis Jnr. Sonntag
From $225.99 Design for a Tram A. Cheneveau
From $225.99 The Pont Corneille at Rouen, 1898 Armand Guillaumin
From $225.99 A repatriated soldier from Madagascar Fortune Louis Meaulle
From $225.99 Piazza Del Duomo A Milano Rodolfo Paoletti
From $225.99 Bredgade I Kobenhavn (Bredgade, Copenhagen) Paul-Gustave Fischer
From $225.99 Leipzig Street with Electric Tram Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
From $225.99 Briggate Leeds Wilfred Jenkins
From $225.99 Lavenue de la Gare a Nice Louis Beroud
From $225.99 Place de la Madeleine Winter Agost Benkhard
From $225.99 Station of Kerity Louis Marcoussis (Ludwik Markus)
From $225.99 Quai du Louvre Sous la Neige Agost Benkhard
From $225.99 View of the Third Avenue Railroad Depot George Hayward
From $225.99 Vesterbrogade 2 Paul-Gustave Fischer