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From $225.99 Indian Buffalo Hunt Charles Craig
From $225.99 Gold Prospecting in California in the 1860s Gustave Adolphe Chassevent-Bacques
From $225.99 Autumn Landscape - Saugerties, New York Jasper Francis Cropsey
From $225.99 A view of New York City in winter Joseph Pennell
From $225.99 Fifth Avenue New York City, 1906 Colin Campbell Cooper
From $225.99 Fifth Avenue, New York, 1913 Colin Campbell Cooper
From $225.99 Grand Canyon V Thomas Moran
From $225.99 Indian Women Moving Camp I Charles Marion Russell
From $225.99 Portrait of a Seminole Chief, North America Stuart Westmacott
From $225.99 Central Park Colin Campbell Cooper
From $225.99 New York Harbor James Gale Tyler
From $225.99 Cedar Swamps, Cape May County, New Jersey, 1861 Johann-Hermann Carmiencke
From $225.99 Blackfeet Card Players John Mix Stanley
From $225.99 Mount Vernon Street, Boston Frederick Childe Hassam
From $225.99 Lower New York Bay Warren W. Sheppard
From $225.99 Bridge Tower, 1929 Glenn O Coleman
From $225.99 Collect Pond, New York City Archibald Robertson
From $225.99 Lower Fifth Avenue, 1890 Childe Hassam
From $225.99 Skyscraper of 1894, New York City William Lippincott
From $225.99 Mount Vernon Street, Boston, 1919 Childe Hassam
From $225.99 Wall Street Ferry Ship Colin Campbell Cooper
From $225.99 Washington Square, New York, c.1900 Paul Cornoyer
From $225.99 Winter Scene in Brooklyn c.1817 Louisa Ann Coleman
From $225.99 The Tenderfoot Charles Marion Russell
From $225.99 The Times, pub. by H.R. Robertson, New York, 1837 Edward Williams Clay (after)
From $225.99 The Duel Charles Schreyvogel
From $225.99 View of Poestenkill, New York Joseph H. Hidley
From $225.99 New York Harbor, Night Luis Graner Arrufi
From $225.99 Sun River War Party Charles Marion Russell