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Testimonial from Chris Koster,
Attorney General of Missouri

George Caleb Bingham is one of the State of Missouri's most well-known artists. He takes on additional significance because of the role he played in state government, serving as Treasurer of our state during the middle 19th century. This conference room within the Attorney General's office is dedicated to his work. 1st-Art-Gallery's reproduction of his paintings are impressive and extraordinarily well done. Your work is greatly appreciated.   

Chris Koster,
Attorney General of Missouri.

Tameka Rish - Atlanta Falcons Football Club LLC.

We in the Atlanta Falcons Marketing Department only use 1st Art Gallery for our painting and portrait needs. We have used them multiple time and are continually satisfied with their beautiful and timely work. For all our in-house work and sponsor gifts, we use 1st- Art Gallery because they are always are willing to communicate thoroughly to satisfy our needs and wants for a painting. Customer services is the best and the paintings are even better!   

Tameka Rish,
Senior Client Services Coordinator, Atlanta Falcons Football Club LLC.

July 20, 2014  from  Schuyler Ingram

July 18, 2014  from  Jonathan Spann

July 15, 2014  from  Barbara Brown

July 13, 2014  from  Dennis Fujii

July 12, 2014  from  Catherine Cain

July 12, 2014  from  Catherine Cain

July 7, 2014  from  Vincent Hargrove

July 7, 2014  from  Jani Kylmäaho

July 7, 2014  from  Jani Kylmäaho

July 5, 2014  from  Stephen Anderton

July 3, 2014  from  John Paulus

June 28, 2014  from  Valletta Francesco

June 20, 2014  from  Ann Sutton

June 19, 2014  from  OLEG SMIRNOV

June 18, 2014  from  Luis Quezada

June 18, 2014  from  Luis Quezada

June 15, 2014  from  Fr. Ryan Higdon

June 12, 2014  from  Fr. Ryan Higdon

June 5, 2014  from  Camay Ozalp

May 24, 2014  from  Ben-Aron Abrams

Testimonial from Mike Benham

July 21, 2014 - Tucson, 85704, USA

I ordered a painting and just like they have advertised it was top notch. I was very satisfied. I have placed an order for an additional two paintings with the intension of ordering even more.  

Mike Benham,
Tucson, 85704, USA

Testimonial from Lenard Trollip

July 21, 2014 - Perth, 6030, Australia

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!! I love my flowers. Thank you so very much for my beautiful gift. Please tell your artist how pleased I am with my masterpiece. I will place my next order in the next two weeks.

XOXO from the Trollip family in Australia.

Ps. I will share a picture as soon as I get it back from the framers . You will be gobsmacked ;)  

Lenard Trollip,
Perth, 6030, Australia

Testimonial from Schuyler Ingram

July 20, 2014 - Edinburgh, EH1 1PE, United Kingdom

I bought my first painting from 1startgallery in May. Days after I had it framed, I ordered a second. I love both of them. They have really improved the room. They're both gorgeous, at a great price. I'd happily be back.  

Schuyler Ingram,
Edinburgh, EH1 1PE, United Kingdom

Testimonial from Maria Repke

July 20, 2014 - La Jolla, 92037, USA

Thank you!

She is a blessing to have in my home.


Maria Repke,
La Jolla, 92037, USA

Testimonial from Jonathan Spann

July 18, 2014 - Indian Shores, 33785, USA

I am extremely pleased with the painting that I received from 1st-Art-Gallery.com. I have had the pleasure of traveling to Spain and visiting the Prado Museum 3 times now and it houses one of my favorite, yet highly contest, Goya "black" paintings. "El Perro" is a dramatic work, and the reproduction is just as amazing. I was extremely thrilled with the picture and will certainly be ordering another of my favorite paintings. Thank you 1st Art! Beautiful work!  

Jonathan Spann,
Indian Shores, 33785, USA

Testimonial from Ian Hunter

July 17, 2014

I have now framed my picture and it looks superb. I have just completed a major revamp of my lounge including the addition of a new fireplace.The Monet I had painted takes pride of place above the fire and really complements the other work.

I am now going to order another picture to enhance the wall opposite.  

Ian Hunter,

Testimonial from Betty Simmons

July 16, 2014 - Springfield, 22151, USA

I am very happy with the painting of Westminster Abbey I ordered as a Special Gift to my grandson and his fiance'. He ask her to marry him at the entrance to Westminster Abbey last month while on a trip there. The worksman is good and it is now at a frame shop. Thanks so much.  

Betty Simmons,
Springfield, 22151, USA

Testimonial from Barbara Brown

July 15, 2014

I'm extremely happy with my oil copy!
I didn't know this painting existed until I found it on your site. This small ship, "the barque Norfolk", was Captained by my Great-great grandfather, David Baird Brown, in 1854 when this scene was painted.
The Norfolk had just rescued all passengers and crew from the sinking Prince Albert on Jan.4th, and then brought them to their destination of Cork, Ireland.

According to newspaper accounts:

"On January 4, 1854 the English Barque NORFOLK rescued the crew and passengers of the sinking packet ship PRINCE ALBERT. The NORFOLK was enroute from Madras to England but was well off course at 15 West, 48 North. They landed the survivors at Queenstown, Cork, Ireland 11 January."

(Note: Queenstown was later renamed the City of Cork.)  

Barbara Brown,

Testimonial from Imad Beirouty

July 13, 2014 - Doha, 00974, Qatar

My Dear

Would like to thank 1st Art Gallery and and the artists who painted the last 5 paintings we received recently.

My self, my big family and friends were surprised for the professionalism and high quality of the all the paintings. We liked them all and can not differentiate which one is the best.

Now my colleague John Neary was impressed with the quality and decided to order customized paintings for which I hope you will grant him the maximum possible discount

Imad Beirouty
Jordan Amman  

Imad Beirouty,
Doha, 00974, Qatar

Testimonial from Catherine Cain

July 12, 2014 - Canisteo, 14823, USA

Couldn't be happier with the painting. Quality is amazing. Sending pictures. Also will do a video when my daughter comes to visit. Thank you again. Will highly recommend you to friends.  

Catherine Cain,
Canisteo, 14823, USA

Testimonial from Douglas Mcauley

July 12, 2014 - San Francisco, 94131, USA

I just received my third painting from 1st art gallery. It is a landscape of southern France by Van Gogh. This is the best renduring of a Van Gogh I have ever seen.Even better than the still life of almond tree branches I own which is also excellent. The colors are so much more vibrant and powerful compared to the usual prints you see. I have ordered a fourth painting by Vlaminck.  

Douglas Mcauley,
San Francisco, 94131, USA

Testimonial from Rex Taubman

July 11, 2014 - Collaroy, 2097, Australia

Dear Sir/Madam
We wish to inform you that the 2nd Reproduction Painting (Order No 051942189 The Boreas In The West Indies)arrived in Sydney on 6th July '14 and was held in Quarantine at Sydney Airport for 4 days it was delivered to us on the 10 July and found the painting to be in perfect condition and were delighted with the outcome and are looking forward to getting it framed shortly.

We take this opportunity to thank you for all the assistance given to us to make sure a satisfied result was achieved for everyone.
Please convey our outmost appreciation to the talented and skilled artist for the excellent reproduction work!

Thanks again for everything.
Rex & Philippa Taubman  

Rex Taubman,
Collaroy, 2097, Australia

Testimonial from HAROLD E. LA ROSE

July 9, 2014 - Apo, Ae, 09603-0045, USA

Thoroughly happy with our painting from 1st Art Gallery. It’s now framed and hanging on our wall in our Taverna. We actually live about an hour’s drive from Venezia (Venice) Italy. This period Venetian Scene of a local pizzeria is spot on with the original which hangs in one of our local pizzerias. I can’t wait to have my friend who owns the pizzeria over to check out our copy.

Thank you 1st Art Gallery!

Texalian, Roveredo in Piano, Italia  

Apo, Ae, 09603-0045, USA

Testimonial from Vincent Hargrove

July 7, 2014

I was absolutely THRILLED when my oil painting of Charles Russell's "The Roundup" came in the mail. I've admired this painting since I was a child and, of course, a print could not do it justice. But the oil painting came out PERFECT. I'm as happy as if I had the original. I will recommend 1st Art Gallery to EVERYONE.

Thanks very much,
Vincent Hargrove  

Vincent Hargrove,

Testimonial from Angus Edyburn

July 7, 2014

I am amazed at the quality of this painting! It is wonderful. Looks like the original! I am very pleased with the work. It arrived sooner than I thought it would. I am very happy with the work! Thank you!!  

Angus Edyburn,

Testimonial from Jani Kylmäaho

July 7, 2014 - Helsinki, 00530, Finland

I ordered three classic paintings from 1st Art Gallery, which were delivered punctually as promised. Based on the information on the website and testimonials given by other customers, I was expecting high quality results. However, to my surprise, the quality and precision of the finished paintings exceeded any expectations I had before ordering!  

Jani Kylmäaho,
Helsinki, 00530, Finland

Testimonial from Daria Arif

July 7, 2014 - Cluj Napoca, 400487, Romania

Very good service, beautiful paintings, very good quality.

Br, Daria  

Daria Arif,
Cluj Napoca, 400487, Romania

Testimonial from Guglielmo Casciotta

July 6, 2014 - Rieti, 02100, Italy

It is the second time that I purchase a painting from 1st Art Gallery and, again, I am totally satisfied. The painting ("Vase with twelve sunflowers II" by Vincent Van Gogh) arrived in a perfect state and the shipping to Italy was very fast, although it took place about 15 days later than expected. Nevertheless, it was really worth waiting that time as the painting is of a very high quality and the colours are great.

William Casciotta

Guglielmo Casciotta,
Rieti, 02100, Italy

Testimonial from Stephen Anderton

July 5, 2014 - Blackpool, fy42dh, United Kingdom

I am extremely happy with the painting you have done for me. It was done extraordinarily well and within the timescale promised. It came from Singapore to Blackpool England in four days !! It is called In A Bey's garden By J F Lewis.
It lights up the room as it was intended to.
Splendid work 1st Art Gallery  

Stephen Anderton,
Blackpool, Fy42dh, United Kingdom

Testimonial from Maureen McLelland

July 4, 2014 - Sudbury, P3G 1B8, Canada

We have purchased 5 paintings to date from 1st Art Gallery and I have a wish list a mile long, but am running out of space to display these in my home! I have visited galleries in Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, London, New York, and Washington and these are museum quality.

They are magnificent, authentic-looking paintings, and when I've brought them in to be framed, the framer proudly displays them in his store and has had multiple offers to purchase on the spot! Our favourite so far is the Luncheon of the Boating Party by Renoir. I never tire of looking at it. It looks like the real deal.

You can't beat the quality and reliability of 1st art gallery. Never an issue with shipping or getting exactly what you're hoping for. The only downside is narrowing down the options. They are endless.

Maureen McLelland
Sudbury, Ontario

Maureen McLelland,
Sudbury, P3G 1B8, Canada

May 24, 2014  from  Larry Wilhelm

May 24, 2014  from  Larry Wilhelm

May 24, 2014  from  Larry Wilhelm

May 23, 2014  from  Aldo Chiappe

May 23, 2014  from  Aldo Chiappe

May 22, 2014  from  Aldo Chiappe

May 21, 2014  from  Silvia Hurtado De Mendoza

May 21, 2014  from  Silvia Hurtado De Mendoza

May 18, 2014  from  Robert Batchelor

May 17, 2014  from  Kurt Schlemmer

May 13, 2014  from  Manuela Roman

May 13, 2014  from  Manuela Roman

May 13, 2014  from  Manuela Roman

May 12, 2014  from  Vuk Lutovac

May 12, 2014  from  Vuk Lutovac

May 12, 2014  from  Vuk Lutovac

May 12, 2014  from  Vuk Lutovac

May 4, 2014  from  Samantha Elmore

May 2, 2014  from  Imad Beirouty

May 2, 2014  from  Imad Beirouty

Testimonial from John Paulus

July 3, 2014 - Houston, 77025, USA

Finally, the room is ready for the oil painting we got a couple of months ago to be hung. It looks great, just what we wanted for the space. We chose this particular picture for the colours - to match the room and furnishings and we are very happy with the results. Lots of positive comments from friends and family too …

Thanks 1st Art Gallery.com!  

John Paulus,
Houston, 77025, USA

Testimonial from Monica Allyn

June 30, 2014 - Dallas, 75202, USA

We just received five painting we commissioned to 1st Art Gallery. I have seen 3 of the paintings in their original glory in museums and the reproductions we just received are every bit as beautiful. The other 2 painting are wonderful as well!!!  

Monica Allyn,
Dallas, 75202, USA

Testimonial from Bruce Mansell

June 30, 2014 - Laval, H7X3M9, Canada


I am very happy with the work from the artists. they did a wonderful job recreating those paintings. please tell them so.
the attention to details was fabulous. can't wait to get them framed and hang on my wall.  

Bruce Mansell,
Laval, H7X3M9, Canada

Testimonial from Valletta Francesco

June 28, 2014 - Genova, 16041, Italy

I received my order a few weeks ago and I am very satisfied with the
painting, shipping and packaging.
Now I'm choosing two other paintings to be ordered for next month
and hopefully with a little discount.
Valletta Francesco  

Valletta Francesco,
Genova, 16041, Italy

Testimonial from Rita Soubar

June 26, 2014

How lucky I am with people like you, because your work is inherited. Art, elegance, mastering, professionalism, and taste ..... If I knew you before.
Thank you Thank you .I hope that I deal with you always.  

Rita Soubar,

Testimonial from Christine Grech

June 23, 2014 - Zebbug, ZBG3527, Malta


I would just like to express how proud and grateful I am of the painting I have ordered and received, which turned out to be of the highest quality.

Every step of the transaction, from the correspondence to the arrival of the package, was simply flawless.

Looking forward to someday being able to purchase yet another painting!

Thanks again,

Christine Grech  

Christine Grech,
Zebbug, ZBG3527, Malta

Testimonial from Victorina Habets

June 23, 2014 - Amsterdam, 1075ea, Netherlands

The painting arrived in a perfect state and the shipping to Holland was fast and well-organized. 1ste Art Gallery did a fantastic job of recreating the painting. The colours are great and the caracters do live! Thanks. Victorine Habets Amsterdam  

Victorina Habets,
Amsterdam, 1075ea, Netherlands

Testimonial from Frank Partee

June 20, 2014 - Lexington, 78947, USA

We love our new painting! 1st Art Galley did a fantastic job of recreating the painting. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!!!  

Frank Partee,
Lexington, 78947, USA

Testimonial from Ann Sutton

June 20, 2014 - Driffield, YO25 9XR, United Kingdom

Pleased and delighted with the picture,we also appreciated being informed of the progress of the picture as it was being painted. It was well packed and it was delivered on the day stated. Thank you. Dave and Ann Sutton. England.  

Ann Sutton,
Driffield, YO25 9XR, United Kingdom

Testimonial from OLEG SMIRNOV

June 19, 2014 - Moscow, 117216, Russia

Wonderful painting, done right in time and very well shipped to Moscow, Russia. Thank you very much for such a gtreat job done!!!

No doubt I will recommend you to my friends and will be back with the next order!!!  

Moscow, 117216, Russia

Testimonial from Luis Quezada

June 18, 2014 - Miami, 33172, USA

I am very excited to have purchased this great painting. It's amazing the detail achieved. The painting is very beautiful, was made on time and very fast delivery. I am delighted with the professionalism of 1st Art Gallety. Best regards. Luis Quezada. From Guatemala.  

Luis Quezada,
Miami, 33172, USA

Testimonial from Vasko Yordanov

June 17, 2014 - Mamaroneck, 10543, USA

I am really impressed by the status feedback loop that was given . I was always aware and informed for the status of my order. I received the drawing in excellent condition and on time. I will definitely recommend this service.  

Vasko Yordanov,
Mamaroneck, 10543, USA

Testimonial from Patricia Garrity

June 16, 2014 - Denver, 80203, USA

I would like to thank you and your artist for an exquisite rendering of "Lady Caroline Montague" by Sir Joshua Reynolds. I am so pleased with the painting. Thank you again.
Sincerely, Patricia Garrity  

Patricia Garrity,
Denver, 80203, USA

Testimonial from Fr. Ryan Higdon

June 12, 2014 - Bryan, 77803, USA

At first I was skeptical but let me be one among many that can put your mind at ease. Both of the paintings came in not only on time, but in perfect order. The reproductions were so good people assumed that they were originals and accused us of spending outrageous sums of money. So if you're looking for quality reproductions of your favorite art, this is the place to be. I've now ordered 5 paintings from them and plan on more!  

Fr. Ryan Higdon,
Bryan, 77803, USA

Testimonial from LK ESTES

June 10, 2014 - Jacksonville, 32207, USA

Beautiful product and excellent service.  

Jacksonville, 32207, USA

Testimonial from W Vito Lanuti

June 9, 2014 - Huntington Beach, 92649, USA

I had a nice frame that I was going to use for my Gaugin reproduction. But when I received it the frame would not do. I immediately went and had the Gaugin strecthed and mounted on a new frame. It looks like a museum piece now.

VL, Huntington Beach, Ca  

W Vito Lanuti,
Huntington Beach, 92649, USA

Testimonial from Luis Velasco

June 9, 2014 - London, W93JA, United Kingdom

This looks almost like a real Juan Gris! Great job done and well worth the wait. I am very happy with it and the price is great. The framing cost almost as much as the painting itself. I would definitely be recommending it to my friends.  

Luis Velasco,
London, W93JA, United Kingdom

Testimonial from Rick & Kathy Croteau

June 9, 2014 - Charlestown, 02813, USA

Got our painting in about two weeks ago. It was a repro from a picture of a painting in a newspaper that we like. It was not available anywhere so we commission 1st art gallery to make one. It is a very good representation of the painting. We were concerned that the oils would be thick like many retail production paintings are and that the mist and fog image would not be effective but we got a very professional looking representation of what we wanted. And.....it cost less than the framing! Thank you.

Rick & Kathy Croteau, Charlestown, Rhode Island, USA  

Rick & Kathy Croteau,
Charlestown, 02813, USA

Testimonial from ROBERTO MAGNANI

June 9, 2014 - Salsomaggiore Terme, 43039, Italy

Good morning,

I received the two oil paintings on may 23.
I am very happy with the purchase and I think in future, I will further orders.

Thank you

Kind regards


Salsomaggiore Terme, 43039, Italy

Testimonial from Eduardo Perez Dal Lago

June 7, 2014

The Portrait of Mrs Gloria Madariaga Anchorena is perfect. She seems to be alive, and that is a great consolation for us all who loves her. It was exactly what we were looking for. Thank You

Fr, Eduardo Perez dal Lago  

Eduardo Perez Dal Lago,

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