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Testimonial from Chris Koster,
Attorney General of Missouri

George Caleb Bingham is one of the State of Missouri's most well-known artists. He takes on additional significance because of the role he played in state government, serving as Treasurer of our state during the middle 19th century. This conference room within the Attorney General's office is dedicated to his work. 1st-Art-Gallery's reproduction of his paintings are impressive and extraordinarily well done. Your work is greatly appreciated.   

Chris Koster,
Attorney General of Missouri.

Tameka Rish - Atlanta Falcons Football Club LLC.

We in the Atlanta Falcons Marketing Department only use 1st Art Gallery for our painting and portrait needs. We have used them multiple time and are continually satisfied with their beautiful and timely work. For all our in-house work and sponsor gifts, we use 1st- Art Gallery because they are always are willing to communicate thoroughly to satisfy our needs and wants for a painting. Customer services is the best and the paintings are even better!   

Tameka Rish,
Senior Client Services Coordinator, Atlanta Falcons Football Club LLC.

February 17, 2015  from  Stuart Malis

February 15, 2015  from  Luisito Arban

February 11, 2015  from  Bradford Judson

February 9, 2015  from  Matthew Presson

February 6, 2015  from  Jacques Arnoux

February 6, 2015  from  Jonne Slemons

February 6, 2015  from  Jonne Slemons

February 6, 2015  from  Jonne Slemons

February 6, 2015  from  Jonne Slemons

February 5, 2015  from  Roberta DeLuca

January 28, 2015  from  Katherine Licciardi

January 23, 2015  from  Haraldur Vidisson

January 22, 2015  from  Ryan Dzwigalski

January 18, 2015  from  Carol Bray

January 18, 2015  from  Carol Bray

January 14, 2015  from  Kerry Feeney

January 13, 2015  from  Matthew McCloskey

January 12, 2015  from  Mona Diab

January 12, 2015  from  Timothy Ansley

January 12, 2015  from  Edgar Yee

Testimonial from John Au-yeung

February 26, 2015

Hi John,

I opened the package and saw the paintings for the first time at the framing company today. They were beautiful! Compliment to the artist(s) and thanks again for your help.


John Au-yeung,

Testimonial from Linda Salek

February 23, 2015 - Tarrytown, 10591, USA

We acquired Our Banner in the Sky by Church - he painted it at the onset of the American Civil War, and it is emotional and foreboding at the same time. It will be a great patriotic addition to our home.  

Linda Salek,
Tarrytown, 10591, USA

Testimonial from Fabio Hull

February 20, 2015 - Sao Paulo, 04532-080, Brazil


Yes, the two paintings arrived. It was a very positive surprise, cause I was a little bit worried about the final result. I have no words to express my real satisfaction with my new painting. Strong recommendation to all friends!

Fábio Hull  

Fabio Hull,
Sao Paulo, 04532-080, Brazil

Testimonial from Stuart Malis

February 17, 2015 - Methuen, 01844, USA

We are extremely pleased and satisfied with 1st Art Gallery's reproduction of this Joerg Dressler painting. The reproduction is true to the original, and 1st Art Gallery was very responsive to my request for a small change to the painting as first painted. We are getting ready to order another painting this week!  

Stuart Malis,
Methuen, 01844, USA

Testimonial from Jeneva Niman

February 16, 2015 - Tulsa, 74105, USA

Both paintings I ordered met my expectations. I was concerned about the large painting 48" x 60". I assumed it would be very difficult to produce a painting that was enlarged to that degree. But it is beautiful. I am very pleased with the art & will be ordering another painting in a few days.  

Jeneva Niman,
Tulsa, 74105, USA

Testimonial from Terri Rogers

February 15, 2015 - Palos Verdes Estates, 90274, USA

I am very happy with my 1st Art Gallery purchase. I was a little nervous because I requested an art piece that was not in the 1AG library. So I submitted a thumbnail of the piece I wanted that I copied from the internet. The 1AG representative said there would be no problem in having the piece made, and he was right. The piece is exactly what I submitted to be done. The quality is top-notch, and came to me securely packaged. I recommend 1st Art Gallery for their quality and customer service.  

Terri Rogers,
Palos Verdes Estates, 90274, USA

Testimonial from Luisito Arban

February 15, 2015 - Lancaster, 93536, USA

The paining is so beautiful and like it. Your service is ok and we still looking a art to be frame. The first painting that we order is so very beautiful when it was frame. All our friends love the oil painting.  

Luisito Arban,
Lancaster, 93536, USA

Testimonial from James Tucker

February 14, 2015 - Woodinville, 98072, USA

Everything went as planned and the painting is wonderful. This was a birthday present for my wife and she loves it. We'll definitely order from 1st Art Gallery again.  

James Tucker,
Woodinville, 98072, USA

Testimonial from Christine LEEMBRUGGEN

February 14, 2015 - Caulfield, 3162, Australia

Just received my painting of La Diva.
I am truly impressed! Thank you so very much!!
A wonderful reproduction of my favorite painting!
Great communication and prompt delivery as promised.
I will certainly be placing further orders from 1st Art Galley.

Thanks again!
Melbourne AUSTRALIA.  

Caulfield, 3162, Australia

Testimonial from Jonathan Hough

February 14, 2015 - Houston, 77041, USA

The painting you painted for us is beautiful. We received it 3 days ago and we can't wait to go tomorrow and get it framed. We love Fernando Botero and your artist did a fantastic job. We just ordered three more Botero paintings from you on Thursday night. Once we have our first painting framed and displayed, we will forward a picture to you. Thank you again for the great product and service!!!!!1  

Jonathan Hough,
Houston, 77041, USA

Testimonial from James Stambaugh

February 12, 2015

I was very pleased with my reproduction painting. It was not an easy style to duplicate and you did a wonderful job. I would recommend your firm to any one who has a painting that they have always liked but is unattainable . My painting was very large 4" x 5" and I thought the price was very fair. I will certainly you your service if there is another painting I would like to own.

James D. Stambaugh  

James Stambaugh,

Testimonial from Jacques Leton

February 11, 2015 - Sarran, 19800, France

The painting is so well done that we could believe it is an original. I framed it and put it on the wall, the effect is great. Thank you for the quality of the work and for the service. I intend to order an other painting as soon as I have made my choice.  

Jacques Leton,
Sarran, 19800, France

Testimonial from Bradford Judson

February 11, 2015 - Fort Worth, 76116, USA

On my first order, I was a little apprehensive not knowing what to expect. The order was completed and promptly shipped and tracked and I was very satisfied at the quality and the workmanship. I had it framed immediately and it turned out extremely well. I highly recommend this service for a quality reproduction at a very reasonable price.  

Bradford Judson,
Fort Worth, 76116, USA

Testimonial from Rodney Durham

February 10, 2015

We received the painting yesterday, all intact and no damages. I wish to thank all of you for your outstanding customer support in the revision of the painting.
We are completely satisfied with the revision and it is quite perfect now. Can't wait to have it mounted and framed. It's beautifully large and the colors are brilliantly outstanding.
Good job!!! Thank you again for all your efforts and hope to do business again in the future.

Rodney A. Durham  

Rodney Durham,

Testimonial from Matthew Presson

February 9, 2015 - Jackson, 38305, USA

The painting looks great...very pleased! You guys do an awesome job!!!! It fits the space perfectly and definitely a high quality piece...thanks!!!!  

Matthew Presson,
Jackson, 38305, USA

Testimonial from Paula Astridge

February 9, 2015

Excellent, courteous service. I had to return one painting for amendments. It was done very obligingly and returned to me and returned to me within a very short while, very much to my satisfaction. Good company to deal with. Paula/Sydney Australia  

Paula Astridge,

Testimonial from Michael George

February 8, 2015 - Oakbrook Terrcae, 60181, USA

I was very pleased with the communication, timing and final product. I would highly recommend 1st Art Gallery to anyone.  

Michael George,
Oakbrook Terrcae, 60181, USA

Testimonial from Jacques Arnoux

February 6, 2015 - San Francisco, 94114, USA

I am decorating my first apartment and I wanted a nice alternative to posters and photos, so I though about ordering a painting online. I found 1st-art-gallery in one of the first results of a famous search engine, weighted the credibility of testimonials and the risk i'd take by ordering online. For the price, it seemed like a reasonable risk to take and I ordered my first canvas in early October. Overall the product is an excellent value, so the risk paid off and I'll be ordering again soon.  

Jacques Arnoux,
San Francisco, 94114, USA

Testimonial from Brad Bogle

February 6, 2015 - Langley, 74350-0271, USA

"Napoleon's Retreat from Russia" I am extremely happy with the quality of my painting. Beautifully and professionally done. Wait time was very reasonable. I will definitely purchase more paintings in the future.  

Brad Bogle,
Langley, 74350-0271, USA

Testimonial from Brad Bogle

February 6, 2015

This is an extremely beautiful painting. It looks exactly like the original. Flawless!!! This is going up in my living room. I am very happy with the work this company puts out. This is my second painting and I plan to have many more in the future  

Brad Bogle,

January 11, 2015  from  Eda Middleton

January 1, 2015  from  Andres Uvero

January 1, 2015  from  Andres Uvero

December 24, 2014  from  David Finkel

December 16, 2014  from  Frederick Robinson

December 7, 2014  from  Chad Hybarger

December 2, 2014  from  Luis Quezada

November 27, 2014  from  Jack Feldman

November 17, 2014  from  Joseph Bolli

November 15, 2014  from  S Browne

November 12, 2014  from  Paul Schwartz

November 4, 2014  from  Ashok Purandare

October 31, 2014  from  Domenico De Simone

October 23, 2014  from  Valletta Francesco

October 18, 2014  from  Nancy Boller

September 25, 2014  from  ALDO CHIAPPE

September 25, 2014  from  NANCY REILLY

September 19, 2014  from  Lajos Gocs

September 18, 2014  from  Jani Kylmäaho

September 15, 2014  from  Dominick Martinetti

Testimonial from Jonne Slemons

February 6, 2015 - Chugiak, 99567-1806, USA

Beautiful result. We are so pleased with First Art's work, coupled with excellent framing, giving our home a truly special effect. We have been particularly pleased with the fact that First Art will take the time to ask questions, resulting in the ideal final effect.  

Jonne Slemons,
Chugiak, 99567-1806, USA

Testimonial from Jonne Slemons

February 6, 2015 - Chugiak, 99567-1806, USA

We intended this large sized painting for another location, originally, but found that it works wonderfully in our formal dining room! We are so very happy with this large, but tranquil painting! The work of the First Art artists is delicate, even in large scale.  

Jonne Slemons,
Chugiak, 99567-1806, USA

Testimonial from Jonne Slemons

February 6, 2015 - Chugiak, 99567-1806, USA

Not framed yet, but particularly important to us, with this painting, was true color reproduction, as it will be placed in a room pre-painted in a green sage. Picking up that particular shade and tone was crucial to success, and First Art's product was completely, and thankfully, color-true.  

Jonne Slemons,
Chugiak, 99567-1806, USA

Testimonial from Jonne Slemons

February 6, 2015 - Chugiak, 99567-1806, USA

When My husband ran the Iditarod sled-dog race in 1987, we had no idea he would end up on the cover of the "Iditarod Runner." We asked First Art to take that old, gold-tinged magazine cover, and restore the fresh, crisp colors of an Alaskan winter. We could not be more pleased! Framing is now underway, for our Alaska-themed Family Room.  

Jonne Slemons,
Chugiak, 99567-1806, USA

Testimonial from Roberta DeLuca

February 5, 2015 - Trail, V1R1H3, Canada

My husband was born in Cicciano Italy and after visiting there this Fall, I decided to have one of my photographs painted. I did not want the painting to look exactly like the original photo; I wanted it to resemble a Monet so I requested the photo be painted using impressionist style.
The final product is amazing! I couldn't be happier!
His painting was the highlight of Christmas!
Thank you!  

Roberta DeLuca,
Trail, V1R1H3, Canada

Testimonial from S Browne

February 5, 2015 - Sierra Vista, 85650, USA

This was my second time in buying a painting from 1st Art Gallery; in fact, 2 paintings this time--Vase with Gladioli and Still Life with Irises, both by Van Gogh. I was extremely pleased with my purchases. The quality is amazing, and the colors are just stunning. I also received these paintings much earlier than expected. So overall, a very rewarding experience.  

S Browne,
Sierra Vista, 85650, USA

Testimonial from BFM De Jong

February 3, 2015 - De Heurne, 7095BT, Netherlands

We did enjoyed your service. All was according our expectations and we had nothing to complain about quality of the painting, quickness of delivery and solidity of delivery. You had been for us a very reliable organisation. Thanks so much!  

BFM De Jong,
De Heurne, 7095BT, Netherlands

Testimonial from William Burns

February 1, 2015 - Knoxville, 37932, USA

Being my second painting once again the art work was excellent and flawless. The reason for enjoying oil paintings over all others is the color it literally brings the painting to life like no other medium can. I also received my painting earlier than expected so all in all my experience was superb.  

William Burns,
Knoxville, 37932, USA

Testimonial from Albert Peetoom

February 1, 2015 - Ga, 31405, USA

We received the painting and are absolutely delighted with the result. It is a stunningly beautiful work that has exceeded our expectations.

Please pass on our deep appreciation to the artist who painted it, and thanks for processing our request accurately to every detail.


Monica and Albert Peetoom.  

Albert Peetoom,
Ga, 31405, USA

Testimonial from Richard Weisbeck

January 29, 2015 - Kelowna, V1V 1N2, Canada

Our art piece is an abstract on a 48 x 48 in. canvas.
It arrived as promised, and met our high expectations.
It is correct to the finest detail.
It is a great addition to our home.
I can see myself doing this again.  

Richard Weisbeck,
Kelowna, V1V 1N2, Canada

Testimonial from Katherine Licciardi

January 28, 2015 - Sharon, 02067, USA

We are very pleased with our painting, Vermeer's 'The Concert'. The colors and the detail are stunning. We were concerned that the painting would resemble a print, but the depth and richness of the work make it a truly remarkable piece that complements our other original artwork.  

Katherine Licciardi,
Sharon, 02067, USA

Testimonial from Reinette Visser

January 28, 2015

Thank you for swift, professional service. The painting is a fabulous replica and even although it was a large painting and it was ordered before Christmas in spite of the holidays it was delivered quickly and to our door. Many thanks.  

Reinette Visser,

Testimonial from Peter Dawson

January 28, 2015 - Long Eaton, NG10 4AG, United Kingdom

Received our picture of Captain Flinders and are absolutely thrilled with the quality and outstanding professional artistic result. It looks like the original and can't wait to get it framed and hung on the wall.

Many thanks. Peter Dawson. Nottingham . England.  

Peter Dawson,
Long Eaton, NG10 4AG, United Kingdom

Testimonial from Robert Boyle

January 26, 2015 - Southampton, SO30 3RU, United Kingdom

The picture I received is an excellent picture. It's an exact copy of the picture I asked for. The service was, also, very good, it didn't take very long for the picture to be painted & delivered. I am very pleased indeed. I will be doing business with this company again in the future.  

Robert Boyle,
Southampton, SO30 3RU, United Kingdom

Testimonial from Haraldur Vidisson

January 23, 2015 - Reykjavik, 112, Iceland

The whole process was easy and I received the painting in excellent condition. The result is great and I’m considering buying another one.

The hardest part is deciding what I want but the web site really helps with that.  

Haraldur Vidisson,
Reykjavik, 112, Iceland

Testimonial from Ryan Dzwigalski

January 22, 2015 - Senoia, 30276, USA

I love my new painting! Thanks!  

Ryan Dzwigalski,
Senoia, 30276, USA

Testimonial from Carol Bray

January 18, 2015 - Rockville, 20852, USA

I received my picture and it is lovely. The oil paints make it much more vibrant than a print. The method also does a good job of capturing the spirit of the painting. It is the centerpiece of the room and we will enjoy it for years to come.

Carol E. Bray  

Carol Bray,
Rockville, 20852, USA

Testimonial from William Matts

January 18, 2015 - Fort Myers, 33908, USA

After relinquishing a lifetime collection of antiques in a contentious divorce, I decided to go forward with mid century modern furnishings. To complement Knoll, Mies van der rohe, Noguchi, Saarinen, etc. furniture pieces, I chose well known artists of the period: Picasso, Matisse, Braque, Duchamp. After some exploration I selected 1st Art Gallery Inc. because the presentation of services seemed best able to meet my expectations of skillful reprodctions. When I received the first of an expected series of commissions (Picasso's "Woman Before a Mirror"), I was especially impressed with the accuracy of design replication as well as by the nuanced brush work. The artist seemed to be trying not only to faithfully copy a picture, but also to capture Picasso's painterly confidence and authority. These skill qualities prompted me to request the same artist to work on my next order (Picasso's "Les Damoiselles d"Avignon").  

William Matts,
Fort Myers, 33908, USA

Testimonial from Budi Purwanto Kartono

January 18, 2015 - Jakarta Barat, 11610, Indonesia

"Wheatfield with cypress" is beautiful painting from Van Gogh. 1st Art Gallery has delivered museum quality painting as promised.

Budi P. Kartono  

Budi Purwanto Kartono,
Jakarta Barat, 11610, Indonesia

Testimonial from Randall Henderson

January 15, 2015 - El Sobrante, 94803, USA

Received excellent painting...I have since ordered another, this will be my fourth

Thank You  

Randall Henderson,
El Sobrante, 94803, USA

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