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Testimonial from Chris Koster,
Attorney General of Missouri

George Caleb Bingham is one of the State of Missouri's most well-known artists. He takes on additional significance because of the role he played in state government, serving as Treasurer of our state during the middle 19th century. This conference room within the Attorney General's office is dedicated to his work. 1st-Art-Gallery's reproduction of his paintings are impressive and extraordinarily well done. Your work is greatly appreciated.   

Chris Koster,
Attorney General of Missouri.

Tameka Rish - Atlanta Falcons Football Club LLC.

We in the Atlanta Falcons Marketing Department only use 1st Art Gallery for our painting and portrait needs. We have used them multiple time and are continually satisfied with their beautiful and timely work. For all our in-house work and sponsor gifts, we use 1st- Art Gallery because they are always are willing to communicate thoroughly to satisfy our needs and wants for a painting. Customer services is the best and the paintings are even better!   

Tameka Rish,
Senior Client Services Coordinator, Atlanta Falcons Football Club LLC.

November 27, 2015  from  Robert Jones

November 25, 2015  from  Edward G. Wells

November 19, 2015  from  Celine Zhan

November 11, 2015  from  Craig Newton

November 10, 2015  from  Eduardo Ramirez

October 28, 2015  from  Valentina White

October 14, 2015  from  Donna Welsh-Johnson

October 13, 2015  from  Reuben Pratt

October 13, 2015  from  Erik Bengtsson

September 30, 2015  from  Bill Gooding

September 24, 2015  from  Eduardo Ramirez

September 15, 2015  from  KEVIN KISSINGER

September 13, 2015  from  Tina Leirvik

September 11, 2015  from  Joan Caravano

September 4, 2015  from  René Schneider

September 1, 2015  from  Robert Heffner

September 1, 2015  from  Elsa Francis

August 31, 2015  from  Elsa Francis

August 11, 2015  from  CARLOS BELTRÁN

August 6, 2015  from  Jennifer DiBernardo

Testimonial from Robert Jones

November 27, 2015

What a fantastic picture we received after waiting only a few weeks. We had it framed locally and now takes pride of place in our living room. We are so pleased with it we are looking at buying another painting as well. Keep up the good work. Thanks Robert and Liz Jones  

Robert Jones,

Testimonial from Edward G. Wells

November 25, 2015

Thank you for your prompt and professional work. The painting is a true reproduction of the original. The color and attention to detail is very good. It's a pleasure to have this wonderful painting in our home.  

Edward G. Wells,

Testimonial from Diala Mohtadi

November 24, 2015 - Miami, 33145, USA

Love the service ,love the art work and their accurate work.. Im their regular customer .. Well always keep buying !  

Diala Mohtadi,
Miami, 33145, USA

Testimonial from Fred Wu

November 23, 2015 - Bloomington, 47401, USA

Good details on the painting I ordered. Arrived very promptly. I had two excellent paintings from this company over the past 2 years. Very pleased.  

Fred Wu,
Bloomington, 47401, USA

Testimonial from Lee Kunz

November 20, 2015

I am very happy with the painting. I did not expect the work to be this good. I have oil paintings from other companies and no one comes this close to quality. They were easy to deal with and stayed in constant communication.  

Lee Kunz,

Testimonial from Celine Zhan

November 19, 2015 - Auckland, 0620, New Zealand

Very nice painting. I cant wait to frame all of them.All of my family members love them so much. Very Cool. I think maybe I will order other painting from 1 st art garlery. And the service is so good. You can absolutly know every details about your order.  

Celine Zhan,
Auckland, 0620, New Zealand

Testimonial from Eduardo Ramirez

November 18, 2015 - Houston, 77069, USA


Eduardo Ramirez,
Houston, 77069, USA

Testimonial from Michael Vennemeyer

November 17, 2015 - Colleyville, 76034, USA

Amazing quality!!! My wife and I Love this company! We get TONS of complements on all the art that we have purchased from 1st-Art-Gallery. It brings our home to life. We have gotten lots of art on line and this company by far has the highest quality out there! 10/10 starts! You will LOVE your paintings. We will continue to buy from them for many years!  

Michael Vennemeyer,
Colleyville, 76034, USA

Testimonial from Rodrigo David De Los Santos D

November 17, 2015 - Monterrey, 64630, Mexico

I am about to buy my third paint. Is incredible the work that 1st art gallery has give me. My house looks amazing thanks to this art.

Now, I have told my friend in MExico about the webpage and i made three more friend buy from it too.  

Rodrigo David De Los Santos D,
Monterrey, 64630, Mexico

Testimonial from Preben Gylfe

November 12, 2015 - Malmoe, S-215 27, Sweden

I just received my painting and are very satisfied with the picture.

It was a copy of a painting I had a smaller print of and which I took a picture of.

The picture I received was exactly like the print I had made a foto of but the colours were a bit more bright than the original. You would never know it if you did not compare it directly.

I have no complaint about the painting but the promised time was not met exactly but the result fully compensated for that

Thank you for a wonderful picture which I am sure will stay in the family as everyone appreciates it.

Preben Gylfe
Malmö, Sweden  

Preben Gylfe,
Malmoe, S-215 27, Sweden

Testimonial from Philippe Vaillancourt

November 11, 2015 - Mattituck, 11952, USA

I Commissioned a reproduction of Ari Scheffer's
Francesca di Rimini and Paolo Malatesta on their deathbed in the second circle of hell of Dante's Inferno. So much better than a poster reproduction (which I've never seen for this work anyway). Indeed I will be ordering again.

Philippe Vaillancourt  

Philippe Vaillancourt,
Mattituck, 11952, USA

Testimonial from Craig Newton

November 11, 2015

This is our FIFTH time ordering hand-painted reproductions from 1st Art Gallery. The service in terms of timing and communication has always been excellent and the product is outstanding. We have always supplied images of the art we would like reproduced (rather than picking from the existing catalogue) and the faithfulness towards the reproduction is exacting. Do not fear the unknown and offshore transaction, the integrity of the company is superior.  

Craig Newton,

Testimonial from Eduardo Ramirez

November 10, 2015 - Houston, 77069, USA

thank you for the painting is beautiful you work is exelente, elegance

thank you for the painting is beautiful you work is excellent, elegance, mastering, professionalism and taste. thank you thank you i hope that i deal with you always  

Eduardo Ramirez,
Houston, 77069, USA

Testimonial from Norman Pugh-Newby

November 5, 2015

I ordered a copy of John Frederick Herring's paining entitled "Arabs Chasing a Loose Arab Horse". I was overjoyed with the reproduction I received. It looked like a museum quality painting and was a very accurate reproduction of the original. I will definitely be ordering paintings from 1st Art Gallery in the future and take pleasure in recommending them a competent producer of museum quality handmade oil painting reproductions. Satisfied Virginia Customer.  

Norman Pugh-Newby,

Testimonial from Max Oberli

November 5, 2015 - Luzern, 6006, Switzerland

Maybe due to the swiss customs procedure, the time from order to the final delivery was rather long. But the artwork (swiss painter, picture created about 50 years ago) was carefully executed, near to the original.
I appreciate. Max Oberli  

Max Oberli,
Luzern, 6006, Switzerland

Testimonial from Jesse Boyd

November 4, 2015 - New Orleans, 70119, USA

A little over a month ago I ordered Wild Poppies, Near Argenteuil by Claude Oscar Monet. I wanted it to give to my wife for an anniversary gift because we took our honeymoon in Paris, and this was one of the more memorable works that we viewed. Well it arrived yesterday and I couldn't wait so I gave it to her in the tube that it arrived in. We were both amazed! It looked like the real thing!! Incredible!!! Thank you so much for the beautiful piece and for making my wife so happy.  

Jesse Boyd,
New Orleans, 70119, USA

Testimonial from Marina Riedl

November 3, 2015 - Clarkston, 48348, USA

Hello,1st Art Gallery! I have order the reproduction of Bouguereau - "Innocence".My family and I couldn't believe how good it was made!Thank you so much for outstanding job! I'm very impressed! The paint looks like original. Cant wait to frame it and put on the wall. Looking forward to order more painting!  

Marina Riedl,
Clarkston, 48348, USA

Testimonial from Kris Deodato

November 2, 2015 - Franklin Lakes, 07417, USA

The last painting i recieved from 1st Art Gallery was "The Oxbow" by Thomas Cole. This painting was of of the highest quality. I have in total ordered 6 paintings from !st Art Gallery so far - and all are great. I will continue to order more.  

Kris Deodato,
Franklin Lakes, 07417, USA

Testimonial from John Riedl

October 29, 2015 - Clarkston, 48348, USA

My dad'd 90th birthday was in 4 weeks. And we had just taken a picture of my father with our 6 month old son Gregory, and Gregory is his first grandson with his last name. I described my father's life and character, and asked them to capture that as they painted. We wanted to give my dad a gift that would make him timeless. We asked 1st-art gallery to create a portrait from the picture. We described how we wanted the portrait to feel. It was amazing! My father looks great at his age, but they made him look as vibrant as he is in real life. And, without asking, removed a binky that was in my son's hand that was distracting, made my father look a touch younger, and really captured the moment of their joy together. We are so happy with what they did. I really can't express how grateful we are. it was worth every penny! John  

John Riedl,
Clarkston, 48348, USA

Testimonial from Marjorie Kirkel

October 29, 2015 - Albuquerque, 87120, USA

The delivery of my painting, Looking Up the Yosemite Valley, was an exciting day! It is fabulous!!! The artist is very talented and much appreciated as my original was stolen. Your artwork is now framed and beautifying my living room wall. Thank you so much 1st Art Gallery.con!  

Marjorie Kirkel,
Albuquerque, 87120, USA

August 5, 2015  from  Jannos Mylonas

July 12, 2015  from  Debra Marshall

July 8, 2015  from  Anthony Hoskins

July 7, 2015  from  KEVIN KISSINGER

July 2, 2015  from  Vincent De Sapio

July 2, 2015  from  René Schneider

June 26, 2015  from  Jan Machacek

June 14, 2015  from  Ruzica Bikic

June 7, 2015  from  Carl Sahlin

June 4, 2015  from  Umit Sefa Muezzinoglu

May 31, 2015  from  Yvette De La Harpe

May 26, 2015  from  Warren Moore

May 19, 2015  from  David Andrews

May 19, 2015  from  Warren Moore

May 14, 2015  from  Michael Moyers

May 4, 2015  from  Jani Kylmäaho

May 1, 2015  from  Susan Walter

April 28, 2015  from  Howard May

April 27, 2015  from  Howard May

April 24, 2015  from  Jack Feldman

Testimonial from Claudia Hayek

October 28, 2015 - Sterling Heights, 48314, USA

1st-Art Gallery was very easy to work with and were very responsive. They were very accommodating when emailed asking that certain features be added to the painting we ordered. The painting we received was just gorgeous! We were kept informed, via email, of the progress of the work. Looking forward to getting another painting from 1st-Art-Gallery.  

Claudia Hayek,
Sterling Heights, 48314, USA

Testimonial from Valentina White

October 28, 2015 - London, W5 3PR, United Kingdom

Thank you for an amazing painting. The quality of canvas is great. And reproduction I'd say is stunning quality.
I will definitely buy again. All of my family and friends wants to order know, so we are coming back with loads more orders.
Thank you.  

Valentina White,
London, W5 3PR, United Kingdom

Testimonial from Surinder Kainth

October 25, 2015 - South Windsor, 06074, USA

I have received my recent painting of Maharaja Duleep Singh which I have added to my collection of paintings that I have purchased from 1st Art Gallery. As with all the pother paintings I have received, I am completely satisfied with my purchase. The painting has surpassed my expectations absolutely beautiful work.

Surinder Singh Kainth  

Surinder Kainth,
South Windsor, 06074, USA

Testimonial from Jayne Hammond

October 25, 2015 - Puryear, 38251, USA

I am very pleased with my painting. It is far more than I ever dreamed it would be. I had seen it in a fine hotel and wanted one like it. Mine looks better than theirs. 1st-Art-Gallery was superb. I had trouble ordering it so they had someone call me, and I felt comfortable placing my order. They also sent me e-mails keeping me posted about the progress of the painting. I would certainly recommend them.  

Jayne Hammond,
Puryear, 38251, USA

Testimonial from Joan Caravano

October 24, 2015 - Rockwall, 75032, USA

We purchased the Kandinsky, Throughgoing line painting. It is currently being mounted, however, the quality of workmanship is excellent. The timeframe in which it was shipped was exactly as stated. The paintings are packed and shipped with care. In addition to the Kandinsky, to reinforce my testimonial for, we purchased 2 Picassos, The Lecturer and The Dream. Both are equally beautifully done, with the same high quality. This makes for 4 paintings thus far purchased from this site. I had purchased one months ago, which was my first, it was a Dali, the Empirium.  

Joan Caravano,
Rockwall, 75032, USA

Testimonial from Jacinta Baker

October 24, 2015 - Four Oaks, 27524-9603, USA

I love my painting even though I saw it once, about to take it to get framed but have to pay for it upfront. so I dont plan on really looking at it until then...
...... from what i did see it is wonderfulllll, I love it,  

Jacinta Baker,
Four Oaks, 27524-9603, USA

Testimonial from Derek Schriver

October 23, 2015

The painting was amazing. It took a while to get here, but it was a very large order so it was expected.  

Derek Schriver,

Testimonial from Gary Yordy

October 21, 2015 - Anthem, 85086, USA

I just received my order of four paintings. Of course, they are not yet stretched or framed, but I am delighted with the quality of work. The entire experience was most satisfying from the selection process, through the shipping of the final products. Throughout the process, each inquiry made to the staff was answered swiftly and honestly. I could not be more pleased. A big "Thank You" to your staff and artists for a great job.

G.L. Yordy  

Gary Yordy,
Anthem, 85086, USA

Testimonial from FERNANDO CIRILLO

October 19, 2015 - Rueil Malmaison, 92500, France

Everything was OK with my purchase, passing through the easy selection of the picture, the order, the payment and the delivery on time with detailed messages giving tracking information. I really recommend 1st Art Gallery.  

Rueil Malmaison, 92500, France

Testimonial from Christian HEIL

October 18, 2015 - Maisons-laffitte, 78600, France

I would like to thank you. My painting is wonderful and your service very efficiant. I am really fond of your website and the choice is absolutely incredible I will order a new painting very soon. Merci beaucoup !!!  

Christian HEIL,
Maisons-laffitte, 78600, France

Testimonial from David Jane

October 16, 2015

NOTE FROM 1st Art Gallery - All packages are insured and any damage caused by FedEx or UPS will be taken care off within hours. Only one out of 500 packages will arrive damaged.

Hi everyone, I have to say the service of 1st Art Gallery has been nothing but exceptional. I received the first painting damaged (tube bent) and 1st Art Gallery replaced the painting without question. The replacement painting is better quality than the damaged one, so I guess reputation has something to do with this. Nevertheless I am happy with the replacement painting and look forward to buying some more original paintings from 1st Art Gallery. DJ  

David Jane,

Testimonial from Paul Becker

October 15, 2015

I just received the painting yesterday and I have to say I am stunned. It is beautiful! The colors, the faces, the clothes! UNBELIEVABLE! Please compliment the artist for me, I am VERY pleased with the work and will not hesitate to order again.  

Paul Becker,

Testimonial from Donna Welsh-Johnson

October 14, 2015

We are absolutely delighted with the painting that just arrived --a reproduction of one of Gustav Klimt's. The colors are magnificent, and it has so far received countless compliments. So, there is no finer compliment to 1st Art than to order additional paintings!

Thank you again. Also customer service was excellent.  

Donna Welsh-Johnson,

Testimonial from Reuben Pratt

October 13, 2015 - Richardson, 75080, USA

I adore having my pictures and they are breath taking. How beautiful to have original oil painting that stir the soul as you gazes at them. I enjoy watching my guest look at the paintings. It turns my house into a home.

Thank you 1st Art Gallery for the joy and beauty you provided.

Reuben Pratt  

Reuben Pratt,
Richardson, 75080, USA

Testimonial from Reuben Pratt

October 13, 2015 - Richardson, 75080, USA

I adore having my pictures and they are breath taking. How beautiful to have original oil painting that stir the soul as you gazes at them. I enjoy watching my guest look at the paintings. It turns my house into a home.

Thank you 1st Art Gallery for the joy and beauty you provided.

Reuben Pratt  

Reuben Pratt,
Richardson, 75080, USA

Testimonial from Jack Giannone

October 13, 2015 - Toronto, M6L 2X1, Canada

Thank you 1st Art!

You did a wonderful job with our painting.
We get lots of requests from our guests. "Where did you get this painting". Everyone seems to agree, it's fantastic!

We were very pleased and will be ordering again shortly  

Jack Giannone,
Toronto, M6L 2X1, Canada

Testimonial from Erik Bengtsson

October 13, 2015 - Karlskrona, 37132, Sweden

I was at first hesitant to order because I didn't know what to expect from the painting No.14 by Rothko. After quite some time and alot of thought I sent the order and I must say I couldn't be happier!

The colours are much more alive than the shown picture and have to be seen in person to fully appreciate. The canvas is thick and the paint is put on with perfection!

All in all, a perfect masterpiece reproduced to perfection!

It hangs in the office of my private practice.  

Erik Bengtsson,
Karlskrona, 37132, Sweden

Testimonial from Phyllis Blackwell

October 12, 2015 - Durham, 27704, USA

I am a first-time client of 1st-Art-Gallery, and I am astounded at the reproduction of Botticelli's La Primavera that was done for me. A truly talented artist attended to color and detail, and captured the " feel" of the painting.  

Phyllis Blackwell,
Durham, 27704, USA

Testimonial from Roselyne Etkin

October 7, 2015 - Zimbali, 4422, South Africa

We ordered our painting from 1st-art-gallery and were nervous that it would not reach us due to the distance involved, but lo-and behold, it arrived safe and sound a few weeks ago. We already have it up on our wall and are thrilled as it looks really beautiful. It was our first time to order anything so valuable and from so far away, so when we took delivery of our "Docteur Boucard", we were so relieved and pleased with the end result. Our sincere thanks to 1st Art! Izy and Roselyne Etkin, Zimbali, South Africa.  

Roselyne Etkin,
Zimbali, 4422, South Africa

Testimonial from James Burns

October 5, 2015

I recently received my oil painting, and couldn't be happier with the results. Your artist captured the original artwork beautifully, including every nuance of color and shading. The painting is of a castle that has special meaning to me and my family. My great, great, great, grandfather was the owner of the castle in the 1700 and commissioned a painting by Peter Lely--the very painting that 1st Art Gallery did for me!. . Thank you for re-creating this painting for me and generations to come of family members.  

James Burns,

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