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Collect up to $500 store credit for an unboxing video!

Record a 30+ seconds video (using your mobile phone) of the recipient of the painting unboxing it and capture their reaction seeing the artwork for the very first time! To receive the $500 store credit, follow the instructions below. Each step will earn you up to $100.

Here are some guidelines:

Both the person doing the unboxing and the painting should be visible in the video
The painting should be
framed or stretched, no rolled canvas, sorry
If you get your painting framed or stretched locally, you can cover the artwork with a cloth to do the big reveal

To receive the store credit, do any or all the following. Each step will earn you up to $100.

Watch the video below for some examples of excellent unboxing videos!


Upload files using this form:

Note: We can only award credit once per painting. Therefore, if you have already posted a testimonial for this painting, we cannot credit you again for the unboxing video. Thank you for understanding. We can only grant you with store credit, if we find your video suitable for our website, social media and advertising campaigns. Kindly note that store credit earned for unboxing videos can be used for the purchase of rolled paintings only. The credit cannot be used against the purchase of stretching services, frames, framed paintings, or any other service. The store credit can be used for rolled paintings only. Any other service must be paid for.