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Custom Handmade Portrait, Painted From Your Photos is The Best Way To Preserve Your Memories!

Why Choose Us?

When you commission your handmade oil painting with us, you are guaranteed to receive:

  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee
  • A first-class painting provider with 300,000+ happy customers
  • Free personalized proofs before shipping
  • 365 Days Money-back guarantee
  • Infinite Styles and customization
  • Lenient 365 days return policy
  • A priceless keepsake to cherish for many years to come
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Unlimited adjustments and modifications
  • Top-level quality control
  • Optional digital graphic design to create your masterpiece
  • Quality product by our classically trained artists
  • Lifetime guarantee

Turn Your Photo Into a Painting

Custom Handmade Portraits Painted From Your Photos. The Best Way To Preserve Your Memories!

Receive Your Portrait In As Little As 17 Days!

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Inspire to Achieve Excellence

1st-art-gallery's Mission

As our team of artists and art-loving staff grows with us all around the world, the most significant expression for us at 1st Art Gallery is quality. Our talented artists have created hundreds of thousands of paintings for art lovers around the world, with clients including the Royal Family, major hotel chains, luxury cruise liners, museums, interior design firms, real estate developers, Hollywood production companies, and many more. We have happy clients in over 120 countries and proudly say we are the world’s largest supplier of hand-painted oil paintings.

We are very excited to see your portrait or reproduction to come to life!


When you purchase your handmade portrait from 1st Art Gallery, you are guaranteed to receive

100% Satisfaction

Your satisfaction guarantee comes with a top-level quality control team, a lenient 365-day return policy, unlimited adjustments and modifications, and last, but not least, a money-back guarantee.

Exceptional World-Class Service

With our incredible and caring customer service, we offer free shipping worldwide, free personalized proofs, unlimited modifications, and an art-loving friendly associate to help you every step of the way!

A Priceless Keepsake to Cherish for Many Years

Join 30,000+ happy customers when you receive a quality product from our classically trained artists. We also offer digital graphic design services to create any customized masterpiece, and more–just ask!

Turn Your Photo Into a Painting

Custom Handmade Portraits Painted From Your Photos. The Best Way To Preserve Your Memories!

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