1st Art Gallery Advisory

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Welcome to our Art Advisory page!
Do you have an idea of what kind of artwork you want but don’t know how to find the right painting? Then you can benefit from our free
Art Advisory!
We have created this page so you can tell us what you want in an artwork. In return, we will select an exclusive collection of masterpieces just for you.
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Each collection is hand-picked, especially for you! Check out some examples of our curator's selections below.

What is an art advisory,
and why do I need it?
To put it simply, an art advisory is help by specialized professionals when it comes to choosing and combining the right artwork with the environment and even with other works of art. A professional qualified for such a task is called a curator.
What does a curator do?
Have you ever noticed how in art exhibits, be it in a museum or simply a gallery, every piece seems to be carefully chosen and planned out? And how sometimes, if a single painting was missing or the collection was positioned differently, the whole experience of the exhibit would change?
Well, this isn’t by chance! The curator has the task of selecting and distributing the artworks in the space in a cohesive manner while creating a dialogue between each piece and inviting the audience to the conversation.
These choices can be based on aesthetics, themes, or philosophical aspects, depending on the experience the curator wants to provide to the public.
“A curator is an information chemist. He or she mixes atoms together in a way to build an info-molecule. Then adds value to that molecule.”
Robert Scoble
American blogger