Choosing a Photo for a Portrait

The Perfect Photo Makes a Perfect Painting
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Choosing the right kind of photo
For the best portrait on canvas results send us the highest quality digital or print photo you can manage. Take enough shots to choose the best photo for our painters to work with. Before they start painting, our professional artists review every photo submitted to obtain the best possible results.
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Best photos - work very well in all styles
These shots are crisply in focus and the subject fills up most of the frame. As you can see from zooming in on facial features there are plenty of details for our portrait artists to work with.
  • Sharp focus throughout the frame
  • Subject fills most of the frame
  • Clarity of details
Subject fills most of the frame
Centered figure
Good composition
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Reasonable photos - work in most styles
These shots are acceptable but don’t have the clarity or focus of the best shots. When you zoom in on details the lines are not so sharp.
  • Almost clear focus, especially on subjec
  • Subject fills most of the frame
  • Medium clarity of details
Strong camera flash
Subject is too far
Subject not centered
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Poor photos - won’t work well in most of the styles
These shots would not give good results. If you have a one-of-a-kind digital or print photo that you really want made into a photo on canvas, send it to us and our expert editors will advise you of the feasibility.
  • Out of focus, blurred, or foggy
  • Subject too close, too far away, or not centered in the frame
  • Poor clarity of details due to over/under exposure or low digital resolutio
Subject is too dark
Faded pictures
Small or low resolution
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