Corporate Art

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Office Art Ideas...

  • Paint your logo on canvas
  • Corporate art makes a great gift idea for employees and clients
  • Turn an image of your product into a unique work of corporate art
  • Translate your culture & brand into
  • office art from boardroom to the lobby

1st Art Gallery has been selected to help decorate thousands of retail, corporate, hospitality and healthcare facilities. Whether you work in the trade or a corporate office, we’re ready to help you specify, source, and purchase all your wall décor needs.


  • Receive exclusive corporate art discounts
  • Museum quality handmade paintings at great prices
  • Your own dedicated office art consultant
  • Risk free, 100% satisfaction guarantee

You can also use 1st Art Gallery to fill in a seasoned collector with reproductions that look as fine as their highly valued original pieces. You can use our services for both residential and contract projects, and the quality of both our paintings and our customer service will never disappoint you.