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1907 - 1920

Cubism Paintings

Although it took more than thirty years for Pablo Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon to be accepted by the public and critics, it is now seen as the starting point for the Cubism movement. As a portrayal of prostitutes in a brothel of Barcelona, the initial disapproval and rejection were not caused by the theme, but by its style – even though Picasso was very selective in the beginning to who sees it, like Georges Braque and Henry Matisse. This ground-breaking painting dislocates the perspective and loses spatial depth to a sense that the viewer can get lost trying to find a reference point. The positions of the women's bodies are ambiguous, looking like each part is seen from a different angle and their faces mostly resemble African masks. As opposed to the Expressionists, this painting uses contours to define forms....

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