Futurism oil painting reproductions
1909 - 1944

Futurism Paintings

During the early 1900’s, before the First World War, the Modern world was emerging, and with it, many changes were taking place. Society was now experiencing a new idea of time and distance, for technology had reached a breakthrough in communication and travel, like the invention of the airplane and automobiles. This had an enormous impact on art and culture, and, among other movements, Futurism was one that reflected this new era in history. The poet Filippo Tommaso Marinetti was the first to write about the ideals of the Futurism in 1909. He glorified new technologies while rejecting traditional values in his Futurism Manifest published in the Italian journal La Gazzetta dell’Emma. This had a significant influence on literature, music, design, cinema and specifically the visual arts....

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