Naturalism oil painting reproductions
1880 - 1925

Naturalism Paintings

Naturalism began in France in the mid-XIX century and manifested in theater, literature and visual arts – especially painting. This movement differs from Realism, even though both believe that art should be an objective and mimetic depiction of the outside reality, that is, the artists’ interpretation of what he sees in nature. Naturalism emerges because of Realism, as it is considered a radical extension of it by some critics. Émile Zola is seen as the main pioneer in literature during the movement emergence, as the author published works that talk about coal miner’s horrible working and life conditions. A similar theme can also be seen in Vincent van Gogh’s painting The Potato Eaters, as he portrays a deprived family sharing their dinner in a poorly lit room....

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    A Garden in July, c.1910