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Want to surprise your spouse with a portrait of your wedding photo? Want to surprise your mother with a painting of her favorite pet? 1st-Art-Gallery can turn any photograph and digital image into a handmade oil painting masterpiece. We can create anything from a portrait of yourself, your family and loved ones to a painting of your favorite vacation spot or first car.

Since our artists work from a blank canvas, there’s no limit to what they can create. We can insert your face into a famous painting, or repaint you in a particular style. Can you imagine your family photo in the style of Picasso? Or your portrait in the style of Van Gogh or Andy Warhol?

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Traditional Portraits

If you have a photo you want the oil portrait based on, but there are elements within that photo which you would like to change - the clothes worn by the subject for example, then our artists can certainly help. This style works particularly well with children, with a picture making a great present for any parent or grandparent. Pets or any child or adult can be painted into the scene, even if they were not in that particular photo. Many things are possible. If you have a special request, just ask.

General price list

The final price depends on the complexity of the painting. Please click here to send us the image you would like painted and receive an exact quote.

Size (inch) One Figure 2 Figures 3 Figures 4 Figures 5 Figures
30 x 40cm $300 $320 too small too small too small
40 x 50cm $320 $340 $360 too small too small
45 x 60cm $350 $380 $390 $420 $540
50 x 71cm $380 $410 $440 $470 $590
55 x 76cm $410 $440 $470 $500 $630
61 x 92cm $470 $490 $530 $560 $680
76 x 102cm $510 $540 $570 $600 $730
92 x 122cm $550 $580 $610 $640 $780

Paintings from photos: your wedding in a masterpiece

Paintings from photos: your wedding in a masterpiece

Paintings from photos: your wedding in a masterpiece

Wedding Portrait

We have all seen photographs of our parents and grandparents weddings and would expect that our children and their children will be able to do the same. But why be satisfied with just a photograph when you can now afford a handmade wedding portrait, a privilege that up until recently was reserved only to royalty? 1st Art Galley can turn any of your wedding photos into a handmade masterpiece. One that will hang on your walls for decades and be passed from generation to generation.

Painting from photos: your wedding in a masterpiece

Painting from photos

We can put your face in a masterpiece

And that’s just the beginning. We can paint you, your house, your pet and even your wedding party into an existing masterpiece. The finished painting will be the most original piece of art you will ever own.

Painting from photos: your face in a masterpiece

Composite paintings

Our artists can also work from many different photos to create a single painting – combining a background from one, a subject from another and a style from a third. But that’s just one option. You can change the clothes of a subject, remove or add people and do just about anything you can think of. Below are some examples of the masterpieces our artists can paint. As you can see, you’re only limited by your imagination.

Hand painted Graphic Styles

To create the following styles, our artists use computer software to transform your photo into a new one - whether it’s duplicating an image like Warhol, stylizing a color like Che Guevara or reducing the image to a series of dots like Op Art. Then, our artist will work from this computer-altered image to paint your original painting by hand – brush stroke by brush stroke.

Andy Warhol Style

The classic Andy Warhol portraits remain the definitive custom order of the Pop Art movement. After nearly 50 years, they look as fresh today as ever.

Graphic Style

A very funky look, perfect for people who love modern interiors. The bigger the canvas the bolder the statement and the greater the impact.

Black and Color

By reducing the image to a simple “color / no-color” great effects can be created. It also happens to be extremely flattering!

Che Guevara

The classic image of Che Guevara has graced the banners and t-shirts of activists and fashionistas for generations. Now you can get a piece of the action. Who knows, one day it may be your image flying over the barricades - OK it's more likely to be hanging over your bed, but there we go.

Op Art - Dots

The Dot style is for those of us who love Op art. The canvases look almost abstract when the viewer is up close, with the image becoming clearer the further away one stands. You should already get an idea of this effect from the picture opposite, but imagine how this would look at its real size.

Illustration Style

Ultimate style for those who love minimalist cool. These portraits distill the face down to the simplest of lines. Soothing flat colours are then used to fill the canvas with color.

Cars and Boats Graphic Style

Not only does the Graphic style work with people but cars, boats and even landscapes can look fantastic when interpreted in this style.

Mao Style

This very pop art style uses a number of different shades of the same color to build up the face. The effect is that of a timeless iconic image.