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Our Team

The World’s Largest Supplier of Handmade Oil Painting Reproductions, Custom Paintings, & Portraits


Quality and excellence are the fundamentals of 1st Art Gallery’s culture. Excellence means to us the perfect balance between the quality of our products and our services. At 1st Art Gallery, each person in every job throughout our company, shares this common passion for excellence and is always at the full service of our customer.

We possess an extensive network of experienced managers, exceptionally talented artists, and an attentive customer support staff. Our world-class team embodies the talent, tenacity, and excellence that define the 1st Art Gallery brand.


Our management team consists of some of the most experienced leaders in the art and entertainment industry, with an average of over 10 years of senior executive experience. 1st Art Gallery’s management team sets the company’s overall strategy and policy, and personally directs and integrates all aspects of design, development, sales, and studio operations to serve our customers effectively on a first-priority basis. We believe this intimate approach to business provides the ingredients for excellence.


We employ more than 50 full time artists - all of whom hold degrees in fine arts. Each of our artists possesses over fifteen years of relevant experience. Collectively, our artists embody a range of enormous depth, discipline and talent that makes us the most attractive art hub in the world. As a testament to their expertise, our paintings have been displayed in famous museums, corporate offices and five star hotels.

Customer Service

We deliver a consistently high standard of customer service. We believe that every request from the customer is an opportunity to build upon an important relationship, welcome new ideas and feedback, and enhance our services to exceed our customer’s demand.

We are completely dedicated to listening, learning, and evolving to meet and exceed our customer’s ever-changing needs and satisfaction.