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Sangwook Lee
5.0 / 5
November 22, 2021
Very good! Satisfying quality much better than expected. Thank you 1st Art Gallery!
Yvon Tremblay
5.0 / 5
November 21, 2021
I received my 2nd reproduction of a famous canvas. It is "Le Déjeuner Des Canotiers" by Auguste Renoir. I chose it because it reminds me of the incessant work of a character in the film "Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain"; Amélie's neighbor who always paints and repaints the same picture. Today, I am happy to have a reproduction of this work. -------------------------------- J'ai reçu ma 2e reproduction d'une toile célèbre. Il s'agit de "Le Déjeuner Des Canotiers" de Auguste Renoir. Je l'ai choisi parce qu'elle me rappelle le travail incessant d'un personnage du film "Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain"; le voisin d'Amélie qui peint et repeint toujours le même tableau. Aujourd'hui, je suis heureux de posséder une reproduction de cette oeuvre.
Marcus Andreasson
5.0 / 5
October 14, 2021
The reproduction of Edward Hoppers "Excursion into philosophy" that I had ordered is very well executed and will be stretched on a frame. The artist did a great job! The painting is definitely worth its price. I will recommend the service of 1st Art Gallery to others seeking high quality art. Best regards Marcus Andreasson
Yolanda Naimoli
5.0 / 5
September 22, 2021
1st Art Gallery exceeded our expectations on our Last Supper painting. It’s professionally recreated and beautifully done. 1st Art Gallery keeps their promise of recreating your painting to your request. My husband and I will be repeat customers.
Yvon Tremblay
5.0 / 5
September 12, 2021
This was my first reproduction and I was delighted to see the resemblance to the original. I like this work of a Canadian painter because it represents a landscape of my native region. Thank you 1st-Art-Gallery!
Mark Duin
5.0 / 5
September 5, 2021
Ordered a reproduction of Monet's "Blue House at Zaandam", 46x61 cm (original dimensions) and was very impressed with the result. I can recommend 1Art Gallery to everyone.
Barrie Pennington
5.0 / 5
July 21, 2021
Excellent quality product. Colour rendition is accurate and pleasing. The artist has faithfully recreated this historic scene sympathetically and with a high level of skill. The finished result looks very effective now it has been framed.
Mills Morrison
5.0 / 5
July 21, 2021
100% satisfied customer! 1st Art Gallery brought my great grandfather’s portrait, the original which was lost in fire, back to life! Aimee and all of the staff were responsive and helpful every step of the way!
David Ramezani
5.0 / 5
July 15, 2021
I have ordered from 1st Art Gallery a few times now and each time they have exceeded my expectations. I have received many compliments for the paintings I have from 1st Art Gallery. Keep up your good work.
Sami Bedal
5.0 / 5
May 29, 2021
Wow! The colours and proportions are perfect, and the canvas and paint are of high quality! Definitely by an expertly-talented artist! Thank-you!
Stephen Sykes
5.0 / 5
May 11, 2021
Impressive copy of the original which hangs in a local art museum. As this is a well-known painting of a scene only a mile away from us (over the hill in the painting, in fact!) we wanted something more than just a print. This more than fulfills the requirement. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend.
łUkasz Broś
5.0 / 5
April 24, 2021
I am deeply happy with this picture. It looks really beatyfull. It is my first hand made picture in my life, and I am very happy with it. I would like to thank to all company that you organized everything in very amazing way. I admire your website team, support you provide, all logistics chain, and of course artist's work. Thank you. I have never expected the art will ever be so close to an ordinary person like me. Thank you :)
Ning Li
5.0 / 5
April 11, 2021
The oil painting I ordered through the 1st Art Gallery was a reproduction of the Sunset on Matterhorn, a master piece by Afred Bierstdt. The 1st Art Gallery artist did a wonderful job in recreating this great art faithfully. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Many thanks to 1st Art Gallery, for bringing museum-quality art to my life.
Ning Li
5.0 / 5
April 11, 2021
I was blown away when I first opened the box and saw the painting. The artist at the 1st Art Galley did a terrific job in creating this reproduction based on a masterpiece by Thomas Moran. This painting is a great example of a high quality art work from 1st Art Gallery and certainly it exceeded my expectation. I am going to order more paintings from
Julian Aylmer
5.0 / 5
April 10, 2021
This is an outstanding picture. It is a very faithful copy which brilliantly captures the beautiful classical buildings and the sun on the sea. My family are most impressed. Many thanks to all involved. Julian A
Adrian Stechnij
5.0 / 5
January 27, 2021
Thank you 1st Art Gallery for an exceptional experience and beautiful painting. The attention to detail, execution of style, and color application is true artistry. This Maximilien Luce work La Rue Mouffetard (1889-1890) painting hanging in my home after years of searching for it brings me an abundance of joy. Having it with the texture and drama of an oil painting versus a print makes the viewing experience so much more. The finished piece exceeded my demanding expectations.
Sean Paris
5.0 / 5
January 2, 2021
I received my custom order of the "Judgment of Solomon", a high renaissance masterpiece originally painted by Raphael Sanzio Da Urbino, from the artists at 1st art gallery. It is a true masterpiece! It now hangs in the conference room of my family law practice as a testament to the first recorded child custody case. Its message endures. The painting is a faithful replica of the original and I dare say it is more vibrant than the original. The frame perfectly complements the painting. I am now in search of the perfect picture light to properly show off this piece. Although initially somewhat suspicious of an international internet platform, I am now quite enthusiastic about and I will soon browse its website for additional masterpieces with which to grace my walls.
Ronny Aerts
5.0 / 5
November 1, 2020
Dear 1st-Art-Gallery, We just received our order of Kandinsky's Composition VII. We are very pleased with the ordering and shipping logistics. But above all the quality of this painting is mesmerizing!!! Looking forward to have it framed and hanging in our home. Thanks, Ronny & Paola
Jacqueline Scott
5.0 / 5
October 30, 2020
This is the most beautiful painting I have ever owned!! I smile every time I look at it! It's so pretty!
Jl Fuller
5.0 / 5
October 29, 2020
This was my first reproduction order from, and I was a bit apprehensive. But I need not have been. The reproduction of Albert Bierstadt's Evening, Owings Lake I received was simply superb! It was not an "exact" reproduction of Bierstadt's original, nor did I expect it. It was sufficiently original to be unique and mine alone, while retaining the use of color & tenor of the original. I am not an authority on Hudson River School art work, but I know what I like (and what I want on my walls). I cannot imagine being more satisfied with the oil reproduction I received from!
Emmanuel Aryee
5.0 / 5
October 7, 2020
I'm very impressed with 1st Art Gallery. I did a lot of research before commissioning my painting since I was worried about fraud because their prices for hand painted oil on canvas original art was comparatively very cheap. Anyway, I chose to believe the reviews and took a chance. My painting was well done. It was finished on time and shipped to me very quickly. I'm very glad I took the chance and I'm very impressed with both the work produced by the artist and the customer service who walked me through everything. Word of advice, be very specific about what you want in the beginning of the process and be patient. Will definitely use this company again.
Ignacio Iglesias-Garriz
5.0 / 5
October 4, 2020
We requested a reproduction of a John Atkinson Grimshaw's painting and we are very happy with the final result. We selected a bespoke frame to highlight the beauty of the reproduction and you can see the final upshot in the attached photograph. The picture is now hanging on the wall of our living room. Thank you! Ignacio
Susie Vybiral
5.0 / 5
September 23, 2020
The painting we had done of our beloved family member, Britches, was absolutely one of the best investments we have ever made. Britches was able to check the painting out before he died one month later. Having this huge painting above our fireplace is like still having our 22 year old cat in the house with us. Amazing, professional, gorgeous. We will definitely be purchasing more paintings from 1st Art Gallery. Thank you!
Tina Tyson
5.0 / 5
September 10, 2020
Very impressed with the painting and their close attention to detail. Great care was taken to create this painting. The team was always very responsive and always kept me updated on the progress. Could not be happier to recommend this talented and professional group. As wonderful as the photo, the painting is even more spectacular in person. I am thrilled!
Geza Toszegi
5.0 / 5
August 23, 2020
This artwork was a birthday present for my wife. She was amazed by its exceptionally high quality, which definitely exceeded her expectations. We both are more than happy with this purchase and will certainly enjoy this beautiful painting for many years.
John Negley
5.0 / 5
August 4, 2020
The painting looks wonderful. I am blown away by the attention to detail taken by the artist. I will definitely be returning to buy more paintings from 1st Gallery!
Tricia Lawson
5.0 / 5
July 17, 2020
This painting is absolutely beautiful. It hangs on my bedroom wall. I absolutely love it. Thank you 1st art gallery for painting such a beautiful painting.
Silvia Hurtado De Mendoza
5.0 / 5
July 10, 2020
I finally had the painting framed. It looks absolutely beautiful. The painter outdid himself.
Tanya Reiss
5.0 / 5
June 27, 2020
i was so excited to unroll my canvases-- they are both so super special. Its wonderful to have hand painted replicas of a master. I have had these same paintings reproductions that i got from the MET years ago... These are more special - to have what i love along with an artists rendition at the same time. All my friends love them and find them more amazing that they are hand- painted reproductions... everyones eyes get bigger- its soo cool to know people are still imitating the masters... thank you