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Testimonial from Chris Koster,
Attorney General of Missouri
George Caleb Bingham is one of the State of Missouri's most well-known artists. He takes on additional significance because of the role he played in state government, serving as Treasurer of our state during the middle 19th century. This conference room within the Attorney General's office is dedicated to his work. 1st-Art-Gallery's reproduction of his paintings are impressive and extraordinarily well done. Your work is greatly appreciated.
Tameka Rish - Atlanta Falcons Football Club LLC.
We in the Atlanta Falcons Marketing Department only use 1st Art Gallery for our painting and portrait needs. We have used them multiple time and are continually satisfied with their beautiful and timely work. For all our in-house work and sponsor gifts, we use 1st- Art Gallery because they are always are willing to communicate thoroughly to satisfy our needs and wants for a painting. Customer services is the best and the paintings are even better!
Testimonial from Jani KylmäAho
for custom order
March 21, 2017
This remarkable painting is yet another example of the outstanding quality 1st Art Gallery can offer. The photo in this testimonial does not do justice to the incredibly vivid colours and liveliness of the person depicted in the painting. As a returning customer of 1st Art Gallery, I can highly recommend them for any custom painting needs you may have!
Testimonial from Aileen Mccormick
March 19, 2017
I was very pleased with this whole process. We had never tried anything like this and were not sure what to expect. The communication regarding the status of the painting was very good and the final product was exceptional. We couldn't have been happier! We've been telling our friends about this as well. (We are going to have the painting stretched over a wood frame and hang the canvas in our Bedroom)
Testimonial from Christopher Micallef
March 19, 2017
I would like to express my satisfaction at a job very well done by 1st Art Gallery. I ordered this Field of Tulips in Holland painting by Claude Monet and am so happy and proud that I finally got my hands on my first impressionist painting reproduction. This painting has so many meanings for me, memories and stands as a signal of my achievements in life. Hoping to more paintings bought from your firm.
Testimonial from Gerald Danish
March 17, 2017
This is the fourth painting that 1st Art Gallery has done for us. Unfortunately my photos of it really do not do it justice -- it is an exceptional copy of the original artwork titled “The Accolade” by Edmund Blair-Leighton. The ordering process couldn’t be any better. We selected this one from their online catalog of paintings; picked a size to fit a frame we already had, and asked that they send us a photo of the completed painting for approval before they shipped it. Everything worked like clockwork. We got the photo in about 3 weeks or so, approved the final product, and about 4 days later the painting arrived at our door via DHL express in perfect condition. Thanks 1st Art Gallery for another job well done!
Testimonial from Susan Degeorge
March 13, 2017
Dear 1st Art Gallery, So I have NEVER done anything like this before. I read the testimonials and was impressed with the quality of artwork on your website. I did research several sites first, but your site was most impressive. In part, because of the certificate of authenticity and your satisfaction guarantee. That is particularly reassuring when spending hundreds of dollars. No reservations needed. The reproduction of "The Prodigal Son" was exquisite. It was a surprise for my husband who adores that painting. He was speechless when he opened it and I often find him gazing at it for long periods of time. Thank you so much for such fine quality and workmanship. I also am so pleased to have a quality piece of artwork in my home. Thank you, Susan DeGeorge
Testimonial from Johanne Rufiange
March 5, 2017
Bonsoir à toute l'équipe, nous trouvons l'oeuvre magnifique, , on dirait l'original!!! Nous l'adorons!!! Mille Merci, Si vous avez des inquiètudes à commander, n'hésitez plus.... Good evening to all the artists, we found the peace simply magnific, beleived it was the original!!! We adore it!!! Thousand Thank you. If you hesitate to buy, have no worries!
Testimonial from John Roberson
March 5, 2017
I love the picture. It is much more than I expected. And I had expected a lot. Within two hours of receiving it, I ordered another. BTW, I have already submitted a testimonial which read substantially as above.
Testimonial from Francine Diotte
February 27, 2017
Dear Artists, I am completely satisfied with your work. I have ordered many paintings from you and I was always satisfied. I am thankful for your site, my passion for paintings does not permit me to own originals but you give that pleasure. Thank you, Francine :)
Testimonial from Roderick Busuttil
February 19, 2017
We are very happy with our painting. The service was excellent and they kept us informed throughout the whole process. They even provided us with a picture of the painting before it was shipped to us. In a nut shell, we shall be ordering again.
Testimonial from James Sewell
for custom order
February 11, 2017
We received the painting and it is very true to the picture we submitted. The representative of the framing business said it was one of the most beautiful paintings they had ever framed. We are very satisfied and think it is well worth what we paid.
Testimonial from Shannon Mathre
for custom order
February 9, 2017
Testimonial from Mark Goodson
February 6, 2017
The 'old man' oversees everything that goes on in my concert hall. Bach was a genius, and the painting is the best image we have of the man. Color was excellent. Brush strokes were great. We might as well be in Leipzig visiting the St Thomaskirche.
Testimonial from Mark Goodson
February 6, 2017
The colors were unreal - excellent attention to detail The brush strokes were so similar to the original. And while l I enjoy travelling and visiting museums, it is nice to know I have my own masterpieces down the hall to enjoy .
Testimonial from Timothy Deckert
for custom order
January 30, 2017
I requested a custom portrait to be painted and I simply cannot be more pleased with the finished product that was delivered to me. It far exceed my expectations in all aspects. I am so impressed and pleased with not only the painting that was delivered, but with the service and support that was provided to me from the initial ordering to updates during the process, to having all my questions answered promptly, I could not have asked for a better experience. I will be ordering my next painting soon and am sharing my experiences with others. Thanks 1st Art Gallery for the wonderful job you did!
Testimonial from Susan Phillips
for custom order
January 28, 2017
Testimonial from Frank Ziss
January 24, 2017
We have The Storm by Pierre Cot hung in our formal dining room. It is an amazing painting with extraordinary detail. It is the original size and the couple is very lifelike. The sheer clothing appears like a veil over the woman, and seems as if it is actually blowing in the wind. The location, just off the main entrance is a conversation piece, and visitors simple say, "wow!" Thank you 1st Art Gallery.
Testimonial from Frank Ziss
January 24, 2017
We have The Storm by Pierre Cot hung in our formal dining room. It is an amazing painting with extraordinary detail. It is the original size and the couple is very lifelike. The sheer clothing appears like a veil over the woman, and seems as if it is actually blowing in the wind. The location, just off the main entrance is a conversation piece, and visitors simple say, "wow!" Thank you 1st Art Gallery.
Testimonial from John Finch
for custom order
January 23, 2017
My two paintings arrived earlier than expected and the y exceeded my expectations they are things of beauty and now have pride of place in my lounge would recommend to anyon looking for an affordable work of art
Testimonial from David Jacobson
for custom order
January 22, 2017
The painting arrived in good condition, being very well packaged in a strong cardboard tube reinforced with metal end caps. The painting certainly met my expectations and there is no doubt that it looks like an original work of art.. 1st-Art-Gallery is thanked for quick and helpful responses at all times, even providing me with details of the paint supplies used in this commission.
Testimonial from Jens Laundrup
January 20, 2017
I ordered the painting for my wife as a gift. Gustav Klimt is one of her favorite painters and this is one of her favorite paintings. When she saw it, she loves it. The detail and quality of this reproduction was excellent. As soon as we get it properly framed I will submit a picture. This will not be our last purchase. Thank you.. Jens San Diego, CA
Testimonial from Chantal Moody
January 12, 2017
Brilliant painting, excellent service! Definitely would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending to others. 1st Art would be my first port of call for any bespoke painting requirements. Many thanks. :-)
Testimonial from Chantal Moody
for custom order
January 12, 2017
Just want to say, thank you for providing a superb service..............the oil painting of Stubb's "Mares and Foals in a River Landscape" is absolutely second to none!! Please pass on my sincere thanks to the artist who ought to be highly commended! :-)
Testimonial from Francine Diotte
January 11, 2017
Good day, I received my painting last week and I am completely satisfied. Thank you and I shall order from you some day again surely. This is all I have to say. Have a nice day, Francine Diotte
Testimonial from Francesco Giuliani
January 10, 2017
Great quality for a very difficult painting! The subject is a masterpiece of pointillisme, who is now the main character of my hall, after choicing the right frame. Colours are really nice. Fully satisfied!
Testimonial from Jessica Harroche
for custom order
January 5, 2017
My brother and I wanted to surprise our other brother on his 30th we ordered a portrait in the liking of Napolean. The customer service was impeccable. They were able to super-impose his face on a famous painting. The final product was perfect, and the quality is amazing.
Testimonial from Karen Beatty
January 4, 2017
I am the proud recipient of this magnificent piece of art. Karen is my dear friend who arranged for the sale on behalf of another close friend , Janet. It is far more than I expected and in all humility my first real painting. It is over the top.
Testimonial from Nancy Boehm
for custom order
January 3, 2017
- This was my third painting order from 1st Art Gallery. They provide top quality work, with beautiful colors and excellent quality. It’s wonderful to be able to live with such beautiful art, carefully replicated with a surprising attention to detail. TOP QUALITY. Excellent service. I’m so happy with each of my pieces and can’t wait to order more! Thank you 1st Art Gallery!!
Testimonial from William Burns
for custom order
January 1, 2017
Once again I'm so pleased with the quality and the experience I've had with 1st Art Gallery. The two commissioned paintings I received were done with so much artistic skill it's hard to believe they were only reproductions. Thanks again for an excellent product.
Testimonial from Gerald Danish
December 31, 2016
This was the first painting I tried with 1st Art Gallery and it is an exceptional copy of the original. The painting process was very smooth. I requested a photo be sent to me when the painting was finished so I could approve it before it was shipped and I they did so. I approved the painting and in about 5 days it was delivered to my door. I will definitely use them again.
Testimonial from Chris Thomson
for custom order
December 27, 2016
With great anticipation, my wife and I carefully unrolled the freshly painted oil reproduction of “The Red Maple” originally painted in 1914 by one of Canada's greatest landscape painters, A.Y. Jackson. Our framed “print copy” had graced our wall for years but thanks to 1st Art Gallery and its professional artists, we can enjoy and appreciate our own oil painting of this original masterpiece, now worth millions! The artistry of your work was breathtaking! Thick brush strokes and texture of oils, quality and excellence of workmanship all masterfully captured by your artists far exceeded our expectations. The rich painted colors of delicate red maple leaves fluttering in the wind on fragile young branches as the deep blue waters rush and swirl alongside the rugged rocky terrain is absolutely stunning. Your artists brought all their talent and skillful genius to create and paint this beautiful reproduction commissioned by us. From start to finish, 1st Art Gallery answered all our many questions, expedited delivery time, then carefully packaged, tracked, and couriered our “work of art” right to our door. BRAVO, 1st Art Gallery! Cheers, Chris and Miriam Thomson P.S. We had our AYJ reproduction framed at a boutique owned by a Father (a professional artist) & Son. Both were totally impressed and proclaimed how beautifully and masterfully it had been painted!
Testimonial from Kay Bagenstose
December 24, 2016
This painting is almost an exact copy of the original and will look beautiful over the fireplace mantel in my Southwestern decor great room. I am very pleased and highly recommend this 1st-Art-Gallery to anyone looking for that perfect painting. I am unable to submit a picture as I haven't had it framed as yet (due to the Christmas season), but when it's framed it will be spectacular. Thank you, David, from a very pleased customer.
Testimonial from Julian Richards
December 23, 2016
Looks great, very pleased.
Testimonial from James Buss
for custom order
December 19, 2016
My first use of 1st Art Gallery and I'm totally satisfied with the result. The Barbara Koch reproduction is so close to the original it's hard to believe. The painting really exceeded my expectations. Great job 1st Art Gallery--thank you.
Testimonial from Damian Betham
December 17, 2016
First painting and it was marvellous. I never compare it to the original because the thought never occurs. Absolutely impressed and can't wait to buy another. Thanks 1st Art Original.
Testimonial from Lewis Avery
December 14, 2016
This is our fifth painted and we love them all. Five paintings by five different artist. Amazing how 1st- Art captures all the different styles. We are in the holiday season and receive so many compliments from family and friends as they gather at our home. We love browsing the website, its like visiting your favorite art gallery and never leave the house. Thank you 1st Art and we look forward to another painting in 2017. Lou & Sandy Avery
Testimonial from Eric Swearingen
for custom order
December 12, 2016
The Handmade reproduction of 'Bear Flag Revolt' was absolutely phenomenal, The superior skill and attention to the smallest detail was evident in every brush stroke. The artist at 1st-Art-Gallery channeled every ounce of the sweeping power and sense of liberation as the Californios' celebrate their independence. The vibrant colors, perception of depth, the angles and most importantly...The Spirit of the original was faithfully captured on canvas for me and shall be a conversation piece to be passed on in my family for generations to come.