1000's of Testimonials

Testimonial from Cyrus Bakhit
August 11, 2019
We are extremely pleased with the quality of the work and would certainly consider future orders
The service from 1st Art Gallery has been exceptional. They tried hard to meet my shortened delivery requirement, and when I opened the package and viewed the painting I was delighted. Many thanks.
Testimonial from Rabih Ghaddar
for custom order
July 25, 2019
It was the best choice I ever made when i decided to request from this website . the painting was Flora for Hans Zatzka , full of many small details . The result was outstanding . The artist were very patient and cooperative and made all the changes I requested . I would never have a second thought to come back for further reproductions .
Testimonial from Nazih Alkhudairy
for custom order
July 23, 2019
We just received our ordered paintings. You did a great job and we look forward to making future orders Thank you!
Testimonial from Nazih Alkhudairy
for custom order
July 23, 2019
Great job thank you very much I am preparing my next order Nazeeh
Testimonial from Nazih Alkhudairy
for custom order
July 23, 2019
I am really pleased with the painting that you have supplied it's stunning and meets my expectations. Thank you Nazeeh
Testimonial from Edward Monell
July 18, 2019
I remember being struck by the color intensity and texture of some original Van Gogh paintings I once saw in Amsterdam. Prints of impressionist art simply could not replicate this. My wife and I were really surprised and pleased when we unrolled the canvas. The color and texture is what I recall from the original art. I ordered it gallery wrapped and stretched it myself it myself. Now it hangs in our living room.
Testimonial from Peter Probert
for custom order
July 17, 2019
Stunning painting. I could not be happier. Thank you!
Testimonial from Jennifer Turner
for custom order
July 7, 2019
Very happy with The art work I received. It is a top quality job at a very high standard. Would recommend 1st Art Gallery.
Testimonial from Steven James Beto
June 27, 2019
One of my most sacred and meaningful memories associated with this image is recaptured every time I sit with this painting. My daily life is as enhanced as it is by prayer.
Testimonial from Julian Aylmer
for custom order
June 24, 2019
In this case I was only able to send 1st Art Gallery a scanned copy of a photograph of a portrait. I was given the opportuniy ty to comment on the work but if anything the copy improved the original by bringing the sitter to life without altering his features. I received the finished work less than a month after my first enquiry-outstanding service! Julian Aylmer
Testimonial from Ian Suddards
June 21, 2019
I was very pleased with my painting. The artist captured the original so well it is like having a real "Old Master" painting. I shall certainly be using your company again.. Thanks very much.
Testimonial from David Edwards
June 20, 2019
My wife and I are very pleased with our oil painting from 1st Art Gallery. Your artist did a super job and the painting looks great in our living room. We are ready to order our next painting. Thank you for your prompt service and quality product. Mr. & Mrs. David A. Edwards, Jr.
Testimonial from Jake Marinovich
June 15, 2019
The painting arrived and I was scared before i looked at it, but upon opening it I was stunned. Beautifully done. Lightly placed my hand upon the surface and could feel the brush strokes. I am very impressed and will definitely get another one in the future.
Testimonial from Richard Marquez
for custom order
June 10, 2019
Amazing work! Requested a painting of a beach picture and was left speechless after viewing the incredible detail for the first time. I am very grateful.
Christ of Saint John of the Cross by Salvador Dali (inspired by)
Christ of Saint John of the Cross
Salvador Dali (inspired by)
Testimonial from Andrew Micos
for Christ of Saint John of the Cross by Salvador Dali (inspired by)
June 3, 2019
This painting was even better than the original. I'm very impressed.
Testimonial from John Wilmshurst
May 27, 2019
My wife and I always wanted this painting after seeing it in a museum. 1st Art made our wish come true . Beautiful!
Testimonial from Alyssa Freitas
for custom order
May 27, 2019
My painting of John Adams exceeded my expectations! I was able to ask for adjustments before my painting shipped and it turned out perfectly. I could not be happier with the result and will cherish this painting for years.