1000's of Testimonials

Testimonial from Gayle Rodrigues
for custom order
August 14, 2018
1st Art Gallery was amazing to work with. They kept me updated by sending updates every few weeks with estimated ship dates. I was so happy with the prints, can't wait to have them framed.
Testimonial from Patricia Luis
August 12, 2018
Beautiful work. The painting is as I had expected.
Testimonial from Jason Kass
August 7, 2018
Truly remarkable quality. We were extremely skeptical but are totally blown away. We love having real oil and canvas, and this piece reflects true artistry and craftsmanship. This was a "test run" for us but we will definitely purchase again. With such a huge array of options, I can't imagine having to look anywhere else.
Testimonial from Maria De L Sanchez Alvarez
August 5, 2018
Beautiful, beautiful, execution of the painting, lovely, it will make a very nice addition to my collection. Thanks!
Testimonial from Daniel Flinn
August 4, 2018
I purchased a reproduction of Claude Monet’s “Poppies At Argenteuil” from 1st Art Gallery in May, 2018. I am very happy with the painting and plan to buy many more Impressionist reproductions from 1st Art Gallery. It is obvious from the look, feel and smell of the painting that it is a hand painted oil painting and not a printed reproduction. I have never seen the original paining in person, it is located at the Musee d’Orsay in Paris, France and was painted in 1873. However I have seen “Poppy Fields near Argenteuil” which was painted in 1875 and is displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. So, comparing my reproduction to photos of the original in France and to a sister paining I saw in person in New York I can honestly say that my painting from 1st Art is a very good reproduction. However it is significantly more colorful and is obviously newly painted compared to the original which is 145 years old. So in that case it is not truly authentic and could never be confused as an original. However it is a very beautiful painting that I spent a decent amount of money having framed and is prominently located in my master bedroom. And I plan to buy many more reproductions from 1st Art Gallery, which says it all since money talks and I’m willing to spend my hard earned money on 1st Art Gallery’s paintings. I have a decent size house and a lot of bare walls that need to be covered with beautiful artwork. I’m happy that I have discovered 1st Art Gallery. As someone with a decent income but not rich, I’ve found it hard to find original artwork that I both like and can afford. Thanks to 1st Art Gallery, I can decorate my home with beautiful and high quality reproductions of my favorite paintings from legendary artist that I love such as Monet, Renoir and Van Gogh. Thank you. I Highly recommend 1st Art Gallery. Daniel P. Flinn Anthem, Arizona August 3, 2018
Testimonial from Marc Bafort
for custom order
August 3, 2018
I've received my 2nd and 3rd painting from 1st Art Gallery.com. The walk woman with a Parasol by Claude Osacar Monet and Two sisters aka on the Terrace by Pierre August Renoir. Both reproductions are great and high quality paintings. Thanks for the good service. Marc.
Testimonial from Merrill Paletsky
for custom order
August 2, 2018
My painting arrived much sooner than I expected. The quality and vibrant colors can not be appreciated by these photos. My expectations were far exceeded by the beauty of this painting. Many thanks for a stunning piece of art! Merrill Paletsky
Testimonial from Joel Gardiner
for custom order
July 31, 2018
Portrait came out amazing! The photo I submitted to be painted was over 50 years old and not that clear. This did not limit the artist from doing an incredible job with the likeness, detail and color of the portrait.
Testimonial from Fauzy Aldjufrie
July 24, 2018
I am very happy with the painting , want to order another soon and have recommended 1st art gallery to my family.
I am very happy with this beautifully produced painting.
Testimonial from Thomas Mclemore
July 6, 2018
Thank you 1st-Art-gallery. Your portrait of Paganini is magnificent. I've placed it in my violin shop. Please thank the artist for me. When I took it to be framed, the framer told me she thought it must be a giclee, and so did a friend. So I looked very carefully and I showed them that a line at the tip of the bow and the curls in his hair were slightly different from a print of the original. It could not be a giclee. It is a very impressive painting. I will definitely have more paintings done.
Testimonial from Harald Ericsson
July 6, 2018
I have received my painting and is was exceptionally good. I would not hesitate to order again or recommend your saite to others.
Testimonial from Lewis Maddux
for custom order
July 3, 2018
I have had a few painting made from photographs. I have been very pleased with all of them. This is the latest one showing a Space Shuttle on each of the 2 launch pads. I love it. Plan to have a couple of more done.
Testimonial from Ferris Cowper
July 1, 2018
The service throughout was excellent. The painting is superb. I was impressed that I was given a chance to make some changes. This was useful because I had seen the original. The shipping was well organised. I am a very satisfied customer.
Testimonial from Ed Burton
June 30, 2018
What is the difference between a framed print, and a new reproduction painting? If one overlooks the distortion caused by my camera's flash, and the slight tilt to one of the paintings, you can easily see the distinction. The painting on the right is a (not at all inexpensive) print of the original painting. It is exactly what the artist made, but the print looks dark and muddy. The version on the right is a new painting by 1st Art Gallery, and much brighter and more detailed, just like what you would see in a museum. Sure, it's not a fingerprint-like duplicate, but why should it be? Embrace that you have an original, and there's nothing in the world like it!
Testimonial from John Genova
for custom order
June 28, 2018
Excellent work on a difficult job. Painting was done from a picture and involved lots of people in a festival scene. Painting was 36x48 and very reasonably priced given the detail involved. Painting was completed and received within one month of the order
Testimonial from Marc Bafort
June 25, 2018
Exellent and perfect painting . Big art work.
Testimonial from Andy Nguyen
for custom order
June 23, 2018
This is my seventh orders from 1st-art-gallery. I have been very satisfied with your products qualities as well as service. Especially to David. Thanks a lot, Andy Nguyen from Sydney Australia