1000's of Testimonials

Testimonial from Khaja Faisal
January 1, 2018
Guests never stop commenting about this beautiful reproduction. I had been your customer since about 10 years. You do outstanding work and painting are quite meticulous. Will order more. I highly recommend you to others.
Testimonial from áNgel Barraza
for custom order
December 30, 2017
Hello, The painting arrived yesterday and I am very pleased with it, you will be hearing again from me soon. Happy New Year, A. Barraza.
Testimonial from Sue Katz
December 30, 2017
Hello 1st Art Gallery, I want to say how absolutely gorgeous the paintings of "Althea" and "Girl with a Pearl Earring" are. When I took them to the framers, everyone on staff came to view them because of their beauty. I continue to be amazed at the perfection of your paintings! Thank you for making my home warm and beautiful!
Testimonial from Somsak Boonchoodoung
December 25, 2017
I have already received my painting. It is a very nice piece. I love it and thank you for the quick shipping. Best regards, S Omsak
Testimonial from Gregory Horne
for custom order
December 25, 2017
Excellent work, actually surpassed my expectations.
Testimonial from John Visconti
December 21, 2017
We were very pleased with 1st-Art-Gallery's work on our painting. We paid a very reasonable price for a first-rate oil painting. Instead of a poster, we now have a text full of the warmth, depth, texture, and energy, of a real painting. 1st-Art-Gallery provided timely service in a professional, gracious manner.
Testimonial from Kevin Sherbourne
December 20, 2017
I wasn't sure how lifelike the horse and Napoleon would look, but they're fantastic. Truly a remarkable painting with wonderful color.
Testimonial from Lerman D'Eon
December 20, 2017
We are truly pleased with our reproduction of John Singer Sargent's Unloading Boats, Venice. After having it framed under glass, due to the less than ideal location over the fireplace, it adds a beautiful touch to the room. Delivery was a little later than the projected date; but I'm not saying this to complain; the quality and workmanship is second to none.
Testimonial from Christine Mitchell
for custom order
December 14, 2017
I first came across 1st Art Gallery.com several years ago when I was looking for a place to have painted portraits done of our wedding since we didn't have a professional photographer. Once I saw all the fun stuff you could do with your photos, plus existing paintings, and additional instructions, I thought I'd try this out. What I asked for was fairly complex and involved many pictures, close-ups of elements to be replaced in historical paintings of Napolean and his wife as I loved the backgrounds. What we got back was fantastic and perfect for the stair hall in our 19th century house. I have several other pieces on my mind that I would like to have done, but the latest is called Garden of Eden by Briton Riviere which I ordered for my husband's 60th birthday, which is today. There is a story behind this piece for us, but it's too lengthy to go into it here. I hope he likes it as he hasn't seen it yet! I think it's perfect. 1st Art Gallery has done a fantastic job on everything we have asked them to do and their communication to get the right outcome was wonderful. I have several more paintings on the list that I'll be sending them as they seem to understand what it is that I want and don't go their own way with them which means I get exactly what I ask for, and that's a good thing! The are my only art gallery.
Testimonial from Jason Lu
December 11, 2017
Immaculate painting, I've been looking for a painting reproduction site like this for many years! How grateful I am to have purchased a painting from 1st art gallery, I ordered “little girl on a beach” and was amazed by the amount of detail that went into it, you could not possibly tell the original from the replication I received from 1st art gallery. I highly recommend them and am looking for my next painting as we speak! Jason, Queensland, Australia
Testimonial from Dolores Disanto
for custom order
December 9, 2017
Thank you so much for such amazing work on the two paintings I purchased from you! I am so impressed by the work that was done to create them. They truly make the room look spectacular! I am already on the search for more images to have painted into masterpieces by your talented artists. Happy holidays!
1st Art Gallery just completed our 8th painting and as usual it was an excellent copy of an old master artwork titled: “Princess Elizabeth Esperovna Belosselsky-Belosenky, Princess Troubetskoi,” Once again from start to finish you couldn't ask for a smoother transaction. You can compare the attached photo of the framed art work to the original painting on their website – an exceptional copy! We are already considering ordering our 9th painting…. Highly recommend First Art Gallery… If you decide to give them a try you won't be disappointed. You can preview the painting before they ship it. Just add a note in the comments section during the checkout process requesting that they send you a photo of the completed painting before they ship it. We've done that with each of the 7 paintings we had them paint. We made a few changes on this one after they sent the photos for approval. The artists at 1st Art Gallery were very patient and very professional in incorporating our desired changes. As you can see, they did an exceptional job. They sent me a photo of the finished painting to approve before they shipped it. After I approved it, the painting arrived about 5 days later. Doesn't get any better than that! I’ve tried ordering paintings from artists selling on two major online auction sites, one in the U.S. and one in China. I wound up having to donate them – total junk… If you want an oil painting, use 1st Art Gallery, you won’t be disappointed.
Testimonial from Reyna Khan
for custom order
December 5, 2017
Very happy with my painting. Their communication is great. I will be returning as a customer.
Testimonial from Gabor Menrath
December 4, 2017
It was my first order from 1st-Art-Gallery.com but hopefully not the last one. The commjnication beteeen us wad also excellent just like accuracy and the result is a high quality piece if art. I am totally satisfied with the painting. Thank you very much.
Testimonial from David Mcgrath
December 3, 2017
Great job, amazing company. I would highly recommend using this company. 2-3 week order time. Second time I've ordered something.
Testimonial from Laura Whitney
December 3, 2017
I did my due diligence where oil reproductions are concerned and found 1st-Art-Gallery.com on the web. They seemed reputable, and if the many testimonials were actually true regarding the quality of workmanship and customer service, then we were in for a treat. My hubby and I owned a rather large expensive frame that we wanted to utilize, and due to our British Colonial theme of our home, we fell in love with the works of Albert Bierstadt. The painting we chose was Nassau Harbor, but due to our existing frame perimeter size, some of the images in the painting would have been hidden by our frame width, had 1st Gallery painted the piece exactly how the artist had intended. As a result, I asked 1st gallery to move all characters and images on the perimeter of the piece in towards the middle by two inches. This request would not distort the entire image in any way, and would clear the way for all characters in the piece to be seen. Since this was our first time working with a painting reproduction company and we had a tall order, we did not know what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised when we received out first proof via email. The artist had brought in all of the characters in by 2 inches around the perimeter, leaving the clearance needed for the overall image to be seen with our frame, and the piece looked in proportion to how the artist intended. However, I did notice that one of the flags, that was to be on the mast of one of the ships in the harbor, was missing. I reported the missing flag and our 1st Gallery artist added the flag within a few days. We received another proof via email, and at that point we were good to go. Within a week our stunning painting arrived unscathed to our front porch, where we immediately had the painting professionally framed in our existing frame and hung. The piece has a prominent spot in our living room and when guests arrive, our work of art over the mantle is the first thing guests mention as they enter the house. Thank you 1st Gallery for confirming my due diligence in finding a top rated professional company that prides itself on customer service and quality work. We couldn't be more happy with our painting and appreciate all the hard work you did making our painting just the way we wanted. When we are in the market again for a reproduction that looks like an original, we will not hesitate to contact 1st Gallery.
Testimonial from Stefanie Geaney
for custom order
December 2, 2017
This was the first time I ordered a painting online. It's really not like me, but I saw this amazing Pissarro in a museum and couldn't stop thinking about it. So I researched the many online stores and settled on 1st Art Gallery. I was in no particular hurry for the painting, and it ultimately took about 6 weeks for it to be shipped. But it was so great when I got it! Was it *exactly* like Poplars at Sunset, Eragny 1894? No, but it was darn close and at the price point I can't imagine it could be any better. I love the painting so much - it's like it was always supposed to be in my house! I'm so glad I went ahead and ordered. Love it.
Testimonial from Murray Nitchke
December 1, 2017
I just today hung the painting reproduction of Paul Gaugin's "Where did we come from, Where are we going?" I took a while to get it framed and so here it is. I absolutely love it. It is in my front hallway where everyone who comes in will see it. I am very proud I selected this particular painting as it holds some special meaning for me. I have no one to take my picture with a sign so this testimonial will have to do.