1000's of Testimonials

Testimonial from StéPhanie
for custom order
March 25, 2008
Hi Mark, We received the painting this evening. Very good work, we are really amazing ! Thanks very much. BRAVO ! Best regards Stéphanie
Testimonial from Marilyn
for custom order
May 14, 2008
Hi Mark, Thank you for your earlier e-mail. The parcel has just been delivered and I cannot tell you how delighted I am with the painting: it is truly a wonderful copy, so please convey my heartfelt thanks to your artist. I will send you a photo once it has been framed,and in the meanwhile I will immediately commission another painting today! With best wishes, Marilyn
Testimonial from Mark Cestnik
for custom order
July 17, 2008
Hi Mark: Just wanted to pass you a line and thank you again for the wonderful paintings. Jump looks amazing! While it took some time to stretch the painting, because of their size, they are now hanging in the respective spots in my home and they are truly wonderful! When I have the desire to add more painting to me home, I will contact you. Please extend my deepest gratitude to all your staff for their beautiful work... All the best and continued success, Mark
Testimonial from David & Joellen
for custom order
November 7, 2008
Dear Mike, I received the painting this afternoon. Mike it is absolutely breathtaking. Wow wouldn’t describe it. I don’t know if you can get a message to the artist but it's beyond our wildest expectations. The details are amazing. I'm seeing things I never even noticed. Mike if you want to use this as one of your testimonials please do. 1st Art Gallery stands by it's products and has been tops in customer service. I will be recommending you to my friends in the future. Thank you for so much I cant even begin to list. Would love to hear from you. Please stay in touch. I'll email you when we get the picture framed. Thanks again. Sincerely David & JoEllen
Testimonial from Marylee Comparetto
for custom order
November 7, 2008
I finally got to frame and hang my beautiful oil painting (see attached photographs). I'm very pleased with it. Thanks, Marylee Comparetto Phillips Nizer LLP 666 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10103
Testimonial from Rosaia Shepard
for custom order
November 7, 2008
Hi Mark: My partner took these photos for you. "The Banjo Lesson" is the centerpiece of our great room and everyone stops when they enter the front door, just to look at it. Thanks so much. More to follow. Sincerely, Rosaia Shepard
Testimonial from Brandt Andersen
for custom order
February 6, 2008
Thought you might enjoy seeing these framed. They are still at the framers in Orlando or I would send you better pictures but it gives you an idea about my email yesterday. Brandt
Testimonial from Mike Harmer
for custom order
January 27, 2008
Dear Mark, Please find attached a photograph of my framed picture. Please pass on my regards to the artist. Thanks Mike (a very satisfied customer)
January 3, 2008
Johanne | Mac
January 2, 2008
Testimonial from Jerry Hunt
for custom order
November 7, 2008
Mark I wanted to thank you for your efforts to get the painting to me by Christmas. It was a happy ending. I got the painting on December 24. I gave it as a present this morning. All were pleased with the painting. Thank you and best regards, Jerry
Testimonial from Matt Ferdock
for custom order
March 12, 2008
Mark, My wife was ready to cry when she opened that last portrait you did for me. It was just superb! Much thanks again! I will have another subject for you soon. Matt
Testimonial from Joe Garcia
for custom order
April 15, 2008
Hi Mark, I can't express how pleased I am with what your artists produced! I was skeptical about how well this project would come out because the original "The Last Judgment" is so large and detailed; I thought there'd be no way it could be reproduced as magnificently as your artists reproduced it. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the result. I've already spent many hours studying the figures in the painting. The attention to detail and faithfulness to the original are really stunning. Thanks for a great product; it's a wonderful addition to my home and my life! Sincerely, Joe Garcia Clearfiedl, UT
Testimonial from Travis Bye
for custom order
June 29, 2008
Dear Mark, I received my painting last week and had it framed. Thank you very much, my Elizabeth piece will be a good piece for my Elizabethan Collection. I am so happy with my piece, I am considering in a couple of months ordering another art piece. Travis Bye
Testimonial from Ruben Rivera
for custom order
December 17, 2007
Hi Mark. We are very happy with the last painting and are very interested in ordering a couple of more paintings; but it won't be for about 6 to 8 months until we get our house renovations done. Please keep me on your email list and remind me again around August of 2008. I'll put an order in then as surprise for my wife. Sincerely Ruben Rivera
Theodoros Vryzakis
October 17, 2008
Luis Lucchetti
June 19, 2008
Testimonial from Barbara Egan
for custom order
October 16, 2008
Hi Mark, The painting arrived two days ago. It is beautiful!!! If you know the artist, would you please pass on my compliments. And thank you, too, for all your help. Barbara Egan