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Testimonial from Kamila
for custom order
September 16, 2006
Hi Mark, The painting came two days ago and I think it's lovely. Thank you Mark :) I'm not sure yet what I want next but once I decide I think you should give my order to the same artist. Sincerely, Kamila USA
Testimonial from Scott
for custom order
September 20, 2006
Hi Mark, Thank you for the tracking number. I had received the painting at about 5:15pm yesterday. When I opened it, I was absolutely amazed! Please tell the artist who completed this project that I am extremely happy with this painting. It is going to look incredible when I have it stretched and mounted. I will definetely be placing another order with your company in the future.(maybe another Christmas present for myself). thanks, Scott Boca Raton FL
Testimonial from Elif S. Levesque
for custom order
September 24, 2006
Hi Mark, I got the painting last Friday and gave it for stretching right away. I got it today from stretching. It is really amazing, I coulnd't believe all the details. Me and my husband are very impressed and would like to thank you and the artist who made the painting. We are very satisfied. Regards, Elif S. Levesque Montreal, Canada
Testimonial from Robert King
for custom order
September 29, 2006
Hello Mark, We received our paintings today they look better than we anticipated, you can surely expect us to order from you again. Bravo! Robert King USA
Testimonial from D. Hanrahan
for custom order
November 2, 2006
The painting arrived and I am very pleased as is my wife. It is everything I hoped it would be. I hope to do more business with you in the future after I clear some wall space. Do you have any Antonio Jacobson's work in you catalogue??Thank you again for a well executed work. D. Hanrahan Germany
Testimonial from Vic Schiller
for custom order
November 4, 2006
Just a quick note... Many thanks for your efforts on the "Pierre-Auguste Renoir La Moulin de la Galette" painting. The way your artist worked my family into the painting was amazing. Your attention to detail and your dedication to keeping me informed along the way was appreciated. But... There was nothing better than the looks on my family's faces when the painting was unveiled... It was truly a special gift. Nothing bought at Tiffany's, Best Buy or our local BMW dealer could have made them as happy. And every time they pass the painting they smile. Now... The best endorsement anyone can give... I'm ordering another painting today Vic Schiller USA
Testimonial from Nicole
for custom order
November 6, 2006
Mark, Thank you so much for following up. DHL did deliver it on Friday morning and it made it here in time for me to give to my fiancee. It is beautiful. I cannot wait to get it framed and hang it....... I cannot thank you enough for rushing it and still making it so beautiful!!!! Thank you, Nicole NYC, USA
Testimonial from Alessandro Casagrande
for custom order
December 1, 2006
Dear Mark, today I received the painting, it is really beatifull!!! Thanks a lot for the good job and extend my thanks to the painter. Marry Christmas Alessandro Casagrande
Testimonial from Marty Michelson & Robyn Riley
for custom order
December 18, 2006
Mark ~ The 71 inch square reproduction of Gustav Klimt's THE KISS arrived ahead of schedule, and, I gave it to my wife earlier than I had planned. She (and I) are VERY happy with the end result. The size allowed us to compare the details to the pictures of the painting we had . . . and the accuracy of the piece your team created is wonderful. We are very pleased. I should add in this comment what you might recall from our email exchange. I first contacted you, Mark, over two years ago. In fact, you replied on 9/27/2004. I waited on several things and then, of course, just recently ordered. In those two years I infrequently followed the testimonials listed on your webpage. Your customers don't lie - and we now "testify" - the completed work you sent us is wonderful. Attached are a couple of "unveiling" pictures - I'll send you a picture of it when it's framed and on the wall. Feel free to share my comments with your other customers. ~ marty michelson & robyn riley
Testimonial from Matt
for custom order
January 8, 2007
Mark, the painting arrived yesterday, in excellent condition and it exceeded expectations. It was to be a Christmas gift for my wife, but I couldn't wait to show her the painting. She was delighted and first thought it was a print of the painting she had been taken with in the Metropolitan Museum. Upon realizing it was an actual painting, she was amazed at how well the essence of the painting was captured. We can now choose an appropriate frame for this wonderful piece of art. Thank you so much for all your help and happy holidays, Matt.
Testimonial from Matt B.
for custom order
February 7, 2007
Mark, you had asked if I could send a copy of the painting after it was framed. My wife chose a simple frame to complement the feelings she received from the cottage. I hope the image is okay. She (and I) really enjoy the fine job your staff did on the painting and found 1st-art a pleasure to deal with. I have shared my very positive experience with some friends and co-workers, who have expressed an interest in making contact. Have a great new year. Sincerely, Matt B.
Testimonial from Jess
for custom order
January 11, 2007
Hi Mark, I received it earlier than promised, and I'm thrilled with the quality. It's being framed right now, I cannot wait to get it home and on my wall! I will definitely use your company again, and have already recommended you to others... Thank you so much!!! Best, Jess
Testimonial from Jenny Ruston
for custom order
February 12, 2007
Dear Mark, Picture arrived - absolutely superb - Turner himself couldn't have done any better! We're both really delighted - Thank you so much for prompt response. Regards Jenny Ruston
Testimonial from Michelle P
for custom order
February 17, 2007
Dear Mark, As an Interior Designer, I have an array of clients. I have clients that have "important art", some are just starting a collection, and some need pieces that will connect their art and décor . I find that 1st Art Gallery is the most effective tool I have in building my clients Art Collections. love mixing your pieces with the clients "collected pieces' or introducing a client to fine oils within their budget. I also use 1st Art Gallery as a tool, to fill in a seasoned collector with pieces that look as fine as their highly valued pieces. I have used your service for both residential and contract, and the quality has never disappointed. Mark, you provide excellent service, and your product is a powerful tool for my Interior Design Business. I am so grateful for all you have done for me, and I know my clients are delighted with the end product. You have never given me less than excellent customer service, and a really fine product. Thank you, Michelle P P Interiors Asheville North Carolina
Testimonial from Sunil
for custom order
March 27, 2007
Dear Mark, We have framed both the pictures and they look wonderful. I am attaching photographs of both so that you can put them on your website testimonial page. Thank you for your prompt responses to all my queries. I expect to order more paintings in the future. Sunil
Testimonial from Carmen Duan
for custom order
April 23, 2007
Mark, I just receive my paintings. Beautiful!!! Thank You! I will definitely continue to use your service . What a great idea for gifts! Thank You Again, Carmen Duan
Testimonial from Julia
for custom order
May 5, 2007
Mark, Here is the picture, it looks great! Thank you for all of your help. I would recommend you without any hesitation. Julia
Testimonial from Kathryn Holden
for custom order
May 7, 2007
Mark, Received the painting in great order and it looks amazing. We are very happy with the result and when it is framed I will definitely send you a picture. All the best Brian and Kathryn Holden